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3in1 LipoSlim

Full Description

Landline Number

+27 12 548 2248

Contact Name

Hermarie Prozesky

Mobile Number

+27 82 313 9844

Investment (excl.VAT)

R 570 176 - R 657 895

Business Opportunity Summary

Low start up investment with high returns.

The 3in1 LipoSlim Clinic is not only a financially rewarding business opportunity but it gives you the chance to help individuals make a positive change in their lives.

3in1 LipoSlim Clinics provides safe, effective weight loss programs for individuals struggling with weight issues and obesity. Our trained staff strives to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals while improving their appearance, health and avoiding some of the serious conditions that are associated with obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, musculoskeletal diseases and other health issues.

Our programs are designed to evaluate each individual’s lifestyle to help address nutritional and behavioural issues related to their weight gain. We strive to help our members implement the lifestyle changes necessary to maintain weight loss and attain optimum health. Our weight loss clinics offer the LipoSculpt range to ensure that individuals reach their weight loss goals. Lipoculpt includes detox products, appetite suppressants, physical assessments, meal replacements and individualised diet plans. In addition, we offer safe, non-invasive fat reduction treatment with non-invasive Laser and Infrared treatments.

*3in1 LipoSlim Clinic entrepreneurs

Our entire system is dedicated to engaging a community that inspires and nurtures salon entrepreneurs. The following reasons are why salon professionals aspire to their own salon:

• Earn 80% more income than working at a traditional salon.
• Flexibility of managing their own schedule.
• More satisfied clients because of the one-on-one experience our 3in1 LipoSlim Clinics offer.
• Sell services and products with high profit margins.
• A 3in1 LipoSlim Clinic is scalable and investment is low with high profit margins.

Why do individuals start a 3in1 LipoSlim Clinic Salon Suite? - We Make It Easy!

We offer the opportunity for salon entrepreneurs to own their own business with low investment costs and risks associated with building and running a salon. They can set up and run a successful salon business without the hassles of traditional salons.