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  • Soda King

    Soda King

    ...a zest for life

    Soda King offers you an amazing range of delicious carbonated soft drinks, as well as premium still, sparkling and flavoured Aqua King water variants. Available in traditional and sugar-free LITE flavours, we offer you quality beverages at a price to suit your pocket!
  • On Tap Bathroom and Plumbing Supplies

    On Tap Bathroom and Plumbing Supplies

    ON TAP is a national retailer with owner-managed stores across South Africa. Through established relationships with industry-leading suppliers, ON TAP offers exclusive product ranges, as well as premium quality bathroom, kitchen and plumb ware.
  • Core Catering Supplies

    Core Catering Supplies

    We don't just sell product... We Service People!

  • 2nd Take

    2nd Take

    Top Second Hand International Designer Clothes

    Being a woman is fabulous, but putting a wardrobe together that works for us and that we can afford is sometimes not so easy. At 2nd Take we not only want to offer you fashion choices that meet your budget, but also help you find clothes that suit you and give you ideas on how to make fashion trends work for you. We stock exciting women’s designer fashion. With hundreds of exclusive international labels, from High Street to Haute Couture Designers to choose from, we offer clothes that often are not sold in South Africa. We receive new stock almost daily. With such a home advantage, it is easy to find fashion that will make you look your best, whether it is in business clothes, evening or casual wear, summer dresses or winter coats; we’ll have something for every occasion and every season. Let us help you, build a wardrobe that is exceptional as well as functional for prices that are far below regular retail designer outlets.
  • Deeghuys



    Deeghuys provides consumers with the opportunity to buy comforting, delicious meals, snacks and confectionery treats that one simply pops into the oven at home for that home cooked or baked touch.
  • The T-Shirt Warehouse

    The T-Shirt Warehouse

    The T-Shirt Warehouse is a concept that specialises in the supply of large volume corporate and customised clothing and gifts to corporate companies, SME's, government departments, schools, clubs and a wide variety of different customers from all walks of life in need of various clothing items and uniforms.
  • Stax Home Entertainment

    Stax Home Entertainment

    Running a DVD rental store is a easy way to make money!

    We have changed, new look, new feel, new ideas...We're growing FAST Nationwide! Do not hesitate, contact us now for your Franchise Enquiry!
  • Lotters Pine Furniture

    Lotters Pine Furniture

    Fine Pine since 69

    From the very humble beginning in 1969, Lotters Pine established its first store in the Pretoria CBD area. This South African Company boasts many branches with more to come in the very near future to be situated almost on your doorstep. Our large range of quality budget furniture can be stained or finished in one of our paint techniques from our vast range of colours. The company is successfully run to ensure that the owners can be in touch at all times with the day to day activities of the business. We aim for excellent service and carry large quantities of stock for almost immediate delivery.
  • Cash Crusaders

    Cash Crusaders

    Real Deals Every Day!

    Cash Crusaders first opened its doors in January 1996 in Plumstead, Cape Town. Today it boasts in excess of 200 stores located all over the southern African region from Cape Town to Namibia and Botswana. We retail a range of directly imported new goods that includes products as diverse as electronic goods, sporting equipment, musical instruments, D.I.Y tools, photographic equipment and small household appliances. Our range of quality second hand items enables a vibrant exchange and valuable flow of guaranteed used goods from consumer to consumer in an efficient, regulated and reliable environment.
  • Saverite Supermarkets

    Saverite Supermarkets

    Where Everyone Is Welcome!

    With over 100 stores across Southern Africa, we are committed to and take pride in always offering our customers value while never compromising on quality.
  • Body Fuel Express

    Body Fuel Express

    Water Refill Station

    A very sound and profitable business opportunity within the water industry witha lot of add on concepts that differentiates it from any other water business out there.
  • H2O International SA

    H2O International SA

    It’s what’s inside that counts.

    Originating in the USA, H2O International has acquired a global reputation for its safe drinking water systems. In addition to their ongoing efforts to improve the quality of their products, H2O also aims to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of their customers by tailoring their products to suit the demands of a specific market.
  • On Route24

    On Route24

    Convenience Store

    On Route24 offers safe and secure all-hours convenience that caters to the demands of the local market.
  • Trappers


    The Essential Outdoor Gear Store.

    Trappers prides itself not only the service we offer but also the products we stock. From the serious adveturer to the weekend warrior, our stores cater for everyone with a passion for life and love for the world around them.
  • 7camicie


    7camicie franchising is a good opportunity to invest in a successful business which is profitable in terms of business turnover and high shops distribution. 7camicie success comes from its capacity of having reinterpreted the famous classical shirt, giving it a unique style with an innovative Italian touch.
  • Oasis Water

    Oasis Water

    Refresh, Revive, Refill!

    We have to admit that bottling water isn’t a new idea. We do however believe that our approach is unique and that we do in fact offer something completely different. We could go on for ages about how brilliant we are, but that would just sound like bragging! So here’s what one of the leading water resource management specialist has to say about RO3 Oasis instead.
  • Perfect Water

    Perfect Water

    Top quality water purification equipment & purified water suppliers.

    Perfect Water is the number one choice in all your water purification needs. Perfect Water supplies purified water to the public as well as water purification equipment such as water purifiers, dispensers, filters and filter systems. Your one stop water purification shop.
  • Nico-E


    Nico-E Pty Ltd was initially founded with the intent of offering tobacco smokers a healthier and more cost-effective alternative e-smoking. The primary mission is to utilize our latest developed solutions (awarded with International & USA patents) to cater for consumers leaning towards natural substance intake by providing them with the purest extracted substances combined with the highest bio-availability.
  • Food Lover's Market

    Food Lover’s Market

    The Heart of Good Food

    Fruit & Veg City was started in 1993 by brothers Brian and Mike Coppin. Since the beginning it has always been a family business, with emphasis placed on good old family values such as wholesomeness, trust, honesty and integrity. The brothers’ vision was to create a store that would resemble a marketplace of old, where farmers brought their fresh produce from their farms to be sold to the public.
  • Mak-Rak Timber Shelving

    Mak-Rak Timber Shelving

    If it does not say Mak-Rak, it is NOT Mak-Rak

    Mak-Rak is a patented shelving, or racking system, constructed of SA pine, which is easy to assemble, versatile, attractive and adaptable for a multitude of uses. It is ideal for the do-it-yourself enthusiast.
  • Just Water

    Just Water

    Just Water opened its doors 16 years ago as a business in George. In 2008 Etienne Maree bought Just Water and identified the opportunity to expand the business. With 28 Golden Licence holders manufacturing and distributing products currently within South Africa and beyond borders Just Water is rapidly expanding its footprint. Just Water manufactures preforms, blow our own bottles and purify water. We also manufacture a large variety of quality beverages.
  • Kekkel en Kraai

    Kekkel en Kraai

    From the farm to the table

    Kekkel en Kraai provides fresh and frozen chicken products. Products range from small braai packs and eggs, to large economy size chicken packs and more.
  • Cookie Works™

    Cookie Works™

    I Want Cookies

    Ricus van der Merwe is an entrepreneur and the founder of Cookie Works™. He started baking just after finishing high school in his parents’ baking franchise. This pastime gradually grew to a passion for baking, where he continuously exposed his talent to his family and colleagues by bringing flavour and new life to old time cookie favourites.
  • OK Franchise Division

    OK Franchise Division

    Owners you can count on!

    The OK Franchise Division has a proven track record and is an accomplished leader in the FMCG industry. As a major buying, advisory and assistance organisation, the group has various community-focused franchise opportunities that operate under one umbrella, each with their own unique identity and personality relevant to the markets in which they trade. OK Franchise Division franchise offerings and opportunities include five retail formats, a wholesale outlet and an add-on liquor store.
  • Multiserv



    Multiserv is the largest and most reputable shoe repair service chain in Southern Africa.
  • OBC Chicken and Meat

    OBC Chicken and Meat

    Ekhaya Lenkukhu

    OBC Chicken and Meat is one of South Africa’s fastest growing retail brands, with a mission to support the low to mid market sector by providing quality, affordability and convenience.
  • Foto First

    Foto First


    Foto First is the leading premier retail franchise in South Africa represented in all 9 provinces by more than 70 branches. For state-of-the-art quality and one-stop photographic shopping – choose Foto First.
  • Kids Emporium

    Kids Emporium

    The Original Designer Experience

    Kids Emporium chain of children's boutiques: Maternity Wear, Essentials, Childrenswear, Travel Systems, Furniture, Décor, Toys and Gifts.
  • Tooti Fruti

    Tooti Fruti

    We Are Nuts About Fruit!!

    Tooti Fruti fruit juices and snacks provide the very best natural goodness that Mother Nature has to offer which is why we're renowned for our uncompromising quality.
  • PNA


    Colour your World...

    Since PNA's inception the group is well known for it's outstanding customer service, the promotion of family values, the cultivation of satisfied, willing and able employees as well as Integrity in all dealings. PNA received a FASA award and several SHOP-SA awards over the years. PNA has 61 stores nation-wide. The Head Office is situated in Florida Hills.
  • Excell Catering Equipment

    Excell Catering Equipment

    What sets Excell Catering Equipment apart from its competitors is its exceptionally comprehensive range of catering-related products, the superb quality, highly competitive pricing, and its knowledgeable, dependable after-sales service.
  • NWJ Fine Jewellery

    NWJ Fine Jewellery

    A national, unique, innovative, customer driven company that offers a wide range of real, quality jewellery and watches at affordable prices to the public.
  • eLiquor Franchise

    eLiquor Franchise

    Own a Franchise eLiquor Store!

    We are proud to focus on empowerment and brand development and aim to become the number ONE house-hold brand in liquor retail in South-Africa. We promote a successful lifestyle and provide you with the support to achieve your goals whilst enjoying all the benefits of our trusted brand. eLiquor™ is your partner in making real profits. You cannot afford not to be part of this journey to financial freedom and success. The investment price of R 330 000,00 (Excluding VAT) for an eLiquor™ franchise includes: Shop fitting, Signage, Shelving, Fully operational Point of Sale, a complete back office system including a stock management system, CCTV Cameras, Equipment, Fridges, Marketing and opening promotion.
  • Overland Liquor Franchise

    Overland Liquor Franchise

    The Overland Liquors Warehouse originated as a SAB depot situated on the Klerksdorp Fresh Produce Market, which over the past fifteen years has grown to be the largest Liquor Warehouse in the North West, Free State and Northern Cape.
  • Blockhouse Furniture & Décor Store

    Blockhouse Furniture & Décor Store

    We Deliver!

    Blockhouse is a niche concept store that sources decorative furniture and accessories from local factories and abroad. We carry end of ranges, samples, factory over runs and amended or cancelled orders, ensuring that you pay the low prices for high-end products.
  • Gas Mart

    Gas Mart

    Your Friendly Family Neighbourhood Alternative Energy Store

    Gas Mart is your friendly family neighbourhood store for alternative energy products, services and solutions. Absolutely nothing is too much effort! Whether you just want some advice, gas for your braai skottel, need to kit out your kitchen with the latest gas stove and heater or anything in between, your local Gas Mart is there for you.
  • Zipp Zone

    Zipp Zone

    where style is timeless - since 1999 -

    Established in 1999, Zipp Zone is a highly successful and profitable ladies fashion boutique selling an exclusive range of clothing and accessories for women of all ages