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Crime Scene Clean-up

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Crime Scene Clean-up is a human activity that focuses on the cleaning and or management of a particular area after a traumatic or violent incident.

The Mission of our specialised teams is to ease the trauma caused by unwanted elements in our daily society. Our task is to handle each site with a gentle understanding and humane touch.

We specialise in the clean up of any crime or trauma scene, for example:

- Burglary,
- Accidents,
- Accidental Death,
- Suicide,
- Homicide,
- Or any related incidents in and around the home, workplace, motor vehicles or grounds.

Violence can leave a trail of destruction when less expected, therefore proper decontamination and bio-recovery of each crime or trauma scene should be exercised to restore the area to a healthy and safe place.


In the event of a crime scene/accident or related circumstances Crime Scene Clean-up's 24/7 specialist team will commence with the 'clean-up' operation soonest after the S.A.P.D have completed the investigation. Fact is that after such an incident, people hesitate or do not have the courage or knowledge to handle the cleaning process themselves. It is common knowledge, that apart from the emotional factor, it could be extremely dangerous to the layman considering the exposure to blood borne pathogens & bodily fluids that can be highly infectious. - MIV, Hepatitis, Herpes, Ecoli and the Hanta virus.

The clean-up process at a crime scene site requires physical activity with the emphasis on the 'cleaning' and management of the particular area. The CSC Group specialises in the clean-up of crime and trauma scenes, i.e. burglaries, accidents and other related incidents in and around home, the workplace and many others.

Round-Up of Services:

Homicide Clean-up Accident Clean-up
Suicide Clean-up Hoarding/Distressed Properties/filth Clean-up
Unattended Death Clean-up Tear Gas Remediation
Vehicle Clean-up Meth Lab Clean-up


Crime Scene Clean-up provides franchisees with full initial training in all aspects of the business and provides on-going training and support.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

The franchisee must be an owner operator who is compassionate and caring.