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H2O International SA

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The Brand

Originating in the USA, H2O International has acquired a global reputation for its safe drinking water systems. In addition to their ongoing efforts to improve the quality of their products, H2O also aims to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of their customers by tailoring their products to suit the demands of a specific market. It is their flexibility and ability to adapt that has established H2O as a leader in the global water purification industry.

H2O International South Africa was established in 1994 after Tony Marchesini acquired the license to distribute H2O’s range of water purifiers and water treatment products in South Africa. Over the years H2O International SA has established a proven track record as a market leader in the local water purification industry.


An H2O International SA franchise comprises three concepts; H2O Water Bar, H2O Water Kiosk and H2O Water Station. The Water Bar and Kiosk concepts are best suited to shopping malls, while the Water Station concept is appropriate for line shopping centres. The newly launched Water Bar / Kiosk concept occupies a small footprint which, combined with low overheads and minimal stock holding costs, makes it an affordable and attractive option. It is H2O’s superior after-sales service that sets them apart from the competition and underscores their position as an undisputed industry leader.

Through effective use of the newly developed H2O website, outlets are able to easily ‘display’ all of the 3,500 strong H2O product range including its water purifiers, chilled and boiling water dispensers and shower filters.

H2O’s products are sought after by health and fitness conscious individuals and families with young children residing in middle and upper income metropolitan areas. H2O products are also popular for use in hotels, guest houses, restaurants, offices, light commercial businesses and factories.

For each new outlet a site and financial analysis is conducted to determine the viability of the proposed franchise. From the results of the analysis the set-up cost and a 12-month operating budget is compiled, upon which the franchisor and applicant franchisee will jointly base the decision on whether or not to proceed with the establishment of a franchise.


H2O franchisees receive on-going operational support and assistance from the H2O technical team based in Cape Town.

New franchisees attend an intensive, one-week, in-house training course, followed by on-the-job training and product specific courses which are offered throughout the year. H2O’s online Wiki also provides dynamic interactive support and is updated daily.

The company employs multi-media marketing and advertising strategies to draw customers into the franchise stores and encourage them to visit the company website. H2O International's unique integrated marketing system employs online and offline marketing strategies to automatically generate leads which are passed directly to franchisees to pursue.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

We are looking for new franchisees that are dynamic, positively minded, go-getter-type people with a great sense of business ethics, who place a high value on health and will be willing to join and work within a structured franchisee system in H2O International SA.