KwikPave (SA)


KwikPave (SA)

Full Description

The Brand

KwikPaveTM offers the client a professional one-stop service for all domestic and commercial paving and edging needs. All paving must be edged with concrete – plain concrete looks…just plain! While some companies may offer decorative concrete edging and others may offer conventional paving services, none offer this particular combination currently. The unique combination of exclusive continuous decorative concrete edging and conventional paving gives the KwikPaveTM operator a distinct advantage over all competitors in the paving industry in that particular area.

The product has broad appeal and is cost effective as it enhances the value of any property. KwikPaveTM is focused on the rapidly expanding home improvement market in South Africa where the trend is for property owners to improve and stay rather than to sell and move on.


The KwikPaveTM Business System concept originated in East London, South Africa, in 2005. Over the next six years KwikPaveTM developed the machinery and equipment and officially opened the East London branch of KwikPaveTM at the beginning of 2012.

The KwikPaveTM Business System operates at franchise level with each franchise operating within a designated area. All inquiries emanating from outside of that specific franchise area are referred to the relevant franchise. In each instance a negotiable referral fee is payable to the franchise from which the lead emanates.

Each franchise is individually owned and operates under an annually renewable license from KwikPaveTM (South Africa).

The KwikPaveTM Business System includes all the necessary equipment, staff and management training, marketing and promotion, access to specialised KwikPaveTM materials, brand identity and ongoing support and development.


The training and ongoing support includes:

* Management & staff training (certificated)
* National & Regional Brand advertising
* Operational guide
* KwikPaveTM specialized materials
* Update workshops & ongoing technical support

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

Ideally franchisees will be:

* Self motivated and a team player
* Passionate about combining business with FUN!
* Analytic by nature
* Able & willing to lead by example