Mak-Rak Timber Shelving

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Mak-Rak Timber Shelving

Full Description

The Brand

Mak-Rak has been in the shelving and racking business since the beginning of 1995 and since then the company has completed numerous contracts with hotels, factories, shops, offices, government departments, schools, warehouses, and in the domestic market by way of garage shelving, wall units, book shelves, etc.

In early 1995, Marc and Arnold Klinkhamer, came up with the idea of a simple, but innovative, timber shelving system which could be put together like a Meccano set but at the same time would be economical and suit the do-it-yourself enthusiast.

The company has distributors throughout South Africa and is focussed on using the franchise concept to expand the brand.


Mak-Rak is a patented shelving, or racking system, constructed of SA pine, which is easy to assemble, versatile, attractive and adaptable for a multitude of uses. It is ideal for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. The system consists of shelves of varying depths, from 200 mm to 1200 mm, which are bolted to uprights of varying heights to form a shelving unit that can be a simple as a single bay with four uprights to a multiple bay unit, which can be extended indefinitely.

The Mak-Rak shelving system is considerably less expensive than the metal shelving equivalent but, at the same time, is not lacking in strength.

The system is simple, easy to assemble and user-friendly. The components pack flat for easy transport and an installation can be extended as the need arises.

Mak-Rak provides the following services:

• Manufacture of product
• Design of shelving layouts
• Advice on shelving requirements
• Delivery and assembly of shelving
• Hire of shelving units, including assembly and removal

Mak-Rak believes in providing the best possible service to all it's customers, which includes a design, and installation service to cater for your individual requirements.


Mak-Rak provides franchisees with an intensive three day in-house training programme followed up by practical training.

Franchisee support is on-going with periodic visits by head office to assist with any eventualities that the franchisee might experience.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

To be considered as a franchisee you should:

- Be committed to the business
- Have excellent communication skills
- Possess sales and marketing skills
- Want to own your own business