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The Brand

Springbok Transport Group (Pty) Ltd evolved from two 8 ton trucks in early 1984 to become a well established excellent service provider in the Transportation, Mining and Earthmoving industries, building numerous fruitful partnerships through the years.

Our business concept in cutting costs by amalgamating and joining forces with smaller contractors and new Entrepreneurs has proved very successful through the years.

Smaller contractors working together with each other sharing their collective infrastructures and using Springbok Group’s Management Services, enabled all our Member Contractors to render our services more cost effective and professionally.
This strategy ensured zero duplicating of costs and brought about a huge saving of 26% in our overheads, making it possible to give an outstanding service to our Clients at a very competitive premium.

Springbok’s unselfish representation of all our contractors ensured a significant growth of all our Member Contractors, hence making us all very cost effective, flexible and dynamic without sacrificing excellent service delivery.


Springbok Group’s successes is largely attributed to our dynamic management and personnel that keep pace, and evolve with ever-changing technology and our Customers unique requirements cost-effectively, speedily and adding unequalled value minimising our Clients overall costs without them sacrificing supreme service delivery and profits.

We find solutions to most of our Clients problems instantly, letting them do what they do best running their Businesses more profitable and successful.

Our target market is astronomically including all small to very big industry leaders, which is in constant need of all our services and expertise.

Springbok being mobile, service and sourcing orientated with very large data bases has the added advantages making it unnecessary for our Franchisees to have huge overheads and costs for offices, transport and earth-moving blue-chip contracts, new and used Truck yards, new and used spare parts facilities, new and used earth-moving machinery facilities.

In a nutshell your Franchise is wherever you are even at home with a very effective support base to render services professionally, fast and cost-effective.


Our Franchisees success is paramount to us, failure is not an option therefore your Franchise successes is linked to our own 24/7 365 days a year.

The initial training period include yourself and or your personnel for the first 3 months or as long as it take to ensure that your Springbok Franchise will deliver the same high standard of professional service delivery that has put us in great demand.

Ongoing training and skills transfer is indefinite, including weekly online seminars, evaluation and hundreds of motivational and training videos that cover the total scope of our service delivery methods, expert know-how and skills transfer.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

Are you extremely developmental, open-minded and committed to operate in a team environment , taking responsibility for knowing that your successful development is linked directly to all your fellow Franchisees and Springbok Group as a whole?

Are you a person that is committed, love to share, add value and contribute to yourself and others successful lives?

Are you a person that sees problems as just challenges that need to be addressed immediately and successfully with or without assistance?

Are you a person that takes responsibility for your own actions and decisions good or bad?

If you can answer these 4 questions with a unconditional YES, you are most probably our next successful Franchisee.

Partial setup finance might be considered by us and/or financial entities.