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  • KANAKA Design Studio

    KANAKA Design Studio

    The Brand Factory

    "KANAKA" Means ‘people’, a term used by Polynesian people to refer to themselves. Polynesians are a people steadfast on culture and traditions, and embraces elaborate war dances and distinctive tattoos for identification. They have positioned themselves on a global scale as a nation of victors, pride and perseverance. Their beliefs have inspired KANAKA Design Studio – a Johannesburg based 100% black owned Brand Factory which operates collaboratively with different creative geniuses to provide strategic and creative solutions – to deliver a brand equity that guarantees return on investment.
  • PR Worx

    PR Worx

    Africa's Best

    Public relations, despite the rumours, is not about spin and hype. At PR Worx, we consider public relations a crucial business tool that works to tell the right people about your company’s products and services or ideas, your philosophy and your motivations, in the right way. Sometimes, PR involves writing and disseminating a media release to targeted media, sometimes it involves speaking directly to the consumer via social networking platforms – either way, PR is all about communicating. And that’s what we do best.
  • Yocal Lead Generation

    Yocal Lead Generation

    How Many New Clients Would You Like?

    We Help Successful Medium Sized Businesses to Develop Online Lead Generation Strategies that will make MASSIVE Differences to Sales Revenues in their Specific Markets…GUARANTEED!