Franchise Association of South Africa

Franchise Association of South Africa

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FASA's primary role is to define the business of franchising and ensure that all parties adhere to the franchise business principles adopted and accepted internationally. With franchising universally accepted as one of the most successful business formats, FASA's role is to continually promote the advantages of franchising both to business entrepreneurs, to prospective franchisees and to the public at large. Based in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, FASA and its staff serve the needs of both the public and the franchise community.

FASA has been the guiding force of franchising in South Africa and the growth and stability of the sector is largely thanks to the work that FASA has done over the years to promote ethical franchising. Those who are members of FASA have voluntarily made a commitment to abide by the ethical standards laid down by FASA and the international franchise community. That in itself is an indication of their commitment to operating a sound and ethical business.

South Africa's culture of entrepreneurship has always been alive in some form or another , whether it be in the formal business sector or in the informal sector which is alive with entrepreneurs who start small street businesses in order to survive. Over the past twelve years, entrepreneurship has become the focus of not only the business community but also of government who, through its funding agencies, is promoting small business and in particular franchising as the ideal way to develop entrepreneurship, tackle unemployment and ultimately grow the economy. FASA, together with funding agencies and the banks, is making a concerted effort to put in place initiatives to make funds available to emerging entrepreneurs.

FASA's Vision and Mission of promoting self-employment and small business development is taking on new meaning as it joins forces with government and the business community to stimulate new business concepts, encourage entrepreneurship, create jobs and play a part in the skills development of all South Africans.