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The Brand

2nd Youth was started in 2002 with a lot of research done by Chemical and Bio-Chemical Engineers and the Medical Control Council.

The product was developed and formulated especially for Africa’s weather and climate (always remember when using imported products, these formulas are not formulated for our climate and you are also paying for the exchange rate).

Raw materials are sourced throughout the world and are used according to the maximum concentrations allowed by the Medical Control Council.

Our passion lies in changing people’s lives in a positive way. To see how 2nd Youth puts a smile on a person’s face after struggling with skin concerns for years is just priceless. It is our vision to see that every single person gets the right to be introduced to this phenomenal product.


Introducing the latest technology in effective Dermaceutical Treatments in a professional salon environment. The most advanced version of superior products containing natural, pure active ingredients, such as Fruit Acids (AHA & BHA), Anti-oxidants, Retynil, Neuropeptides and Centella Asiatica to name a few. Safe UV-Filters are also included to assure the safest and most noticeable results in the shortest possible time span.

This unique concept is called 2nd Youth® - suitable for all skin types, regardless of age, gender or race, and offers immediate results. This comprehensive Dermaceutical skincare programme is ideal for unbalanced, tired, devitalised and shallow skin with poor tolerance. Optimum results are obtained after twenty eight weeks.


This programme is easy, convenient and safe to follow at home. In combination with a nine week facial toning programme, it offers your client five to ten year visible active skin rejuvenation. Restoration of skin health occurs naturally whereby the skins dermal structure and physiological function is normalised.

2nd Youth® dermaceutical treatments are the ideal method to introduce clients – existing, new or still ignorant of what skincare clinics or salons can offer – to a professional service at a really affordable price. A superior advanced treatment with a difference enables a client to relax without any inconvenience or side effects. An image changing experience!!

In today’s society, a good first impression is crucial. Many woman and men alike, regardless of age, occupation, race or social class – are judged not only by how they act – but also how they look. That’s why 2nd Youth® offers an ultimate programme to normalise every skin type and to help you find the simplest, least expensive answer to any skincare concern.


The franchisor provides salon training as well as basic “How to run a business” training with ongoing refresher courses.

Trained Personnel is the the key to your success in this business.

The following is a break-down of the training provided and what each module consists of:

* Info / Introduction Training half day 2nd Youth® retail products.

Receptionists, Nail Technicians and all staff that are not qualified Beauty Therapists.
Pass Rate: 80%

*Basic Training Full Day Retail products, professional products and professional treatments.

For qualified Beauty Therapists.
Pass Rate: 80%

*Refresher Training Full Day Refresher training focused on products and treatments.

Qualified 2nd Youth® Therapist, must bring along own manual and questions regarding any concerns about product or treatments

You are able to receive your 2nd Youth Certificates after training in the following:

2nd Youth Comprehensive Training
45 % Lactic Peel Training
50 % Glycolic Peel Training
Beta Peel Training
Derma-Spa Body Training

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

2nd Youth is looking for driven, self-motivated franchisees with natural entrepreneurial skills and are interested in the Health and Beauty sector. Although full training is provided, business experience will be preferable.