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The Brand

HISTORY: 3@1 Franchising turned 18 this year and continues to grow from strength to strength. Communication technologies have changed dramatically over the years, but the 3@1 franchise brand has continued to evolve in order to make state-of-the-art electronic communication available to its customers nationwide.


The 3@1 Business Services franchise concept offers an opportunity in the business services and communications retail industry. Boasting established partnerships with DHL International and local Courier and Kodak Express photographic service, our Franchisees can offer an ever-broadening selection of services than our competitors.

Additional offerings include, Digital printing, DHL local and international courier services, broad format print & photocopying, laminating & binding, computer peripherals, mail box rentals, email & internet access etc. We strive to keep our South African born and bred concept crisp and sharp by continuously adding related services.

3@1’s proven business formula is transferred via in-depth training as well as continuous product development and concept upgrades - latest being Company Registrations and Police clearance documents, technological adaptation and sustained franchisor backup. Franchise prospects are aided with site location and turnkey store set-up.


TRAINING & SUPPORT: Franchisees are carefully selected and the 3@1 business formula is transferred through face to face personal, in-depth and onsite training. We offer guaranteed support and assistance with site location, store set-up, a turnkey opening and provide a wide variety of marketing materials.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

IF you love working with people, have an eye for detail and enjoy what advancement in technology does for everyday living you will enjoy operating your very own 3@1 Business Centre. We like free thinking entrepreneurs who can embrace servicing consumers, other tenants, your landlord and businesses located nearby your business centre.