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The Brand

From the award-winning culinary legend comes Alain Ducasse Education, the leading global organisation of professional and pre-professional Culinary and Pastry Arts schools, where passion and devotion to the art of hospitality underscore a rich history of exceptional standards forged through decades of practice and experience.

Created in 1999, Alain Ducasse Education sets the highest culinary and pastry industry standards with its comprehensive hands-on educational programmes that emphasise practical learning of techniques with precision, innovation and rigorous skills-based methodology. Alain Ducasse Education partners today with institutions that share the same values and objectives to provide excellence in Culinary and Pastry Arts, and hospitality education through Alain Ducasse Institutes.

Today, Alain Ducasse Institutes cultivate the highest level of expertise and job-ready skills and competencies for lifelong learning for students who aspire to become recognised as top professionals in the culinary, food and hospitality sectors.


Alain Ducasse Institute is the title we award to our academic partners who share our commitment to excellence in culinary and pastry arts.

Alain Ducasse Institutes have been created to enable the development of the system of schools of human size, yet with the benefits of a large-scale network.

Alain Ducasse Institutes are operated by partner institutions that agree, through a master agreement and operational agreement(s), to develop one or more institutes in a specified geography, and to operate them at the standards of Alain Ducasse Education.

The master agreement grants the partner the exclusive right to develop one or more institutes in the geographic territory, while each operational agreement grants the partner the right to operate each institute.


Alain Ducasse Institutes benefit from products, services and daily support by Alain Ducasse Education in:

* Educational Programmes & Pedagogy
* Facilities
* Human Resources
* Marketing & Student Recruitment
* Alain Ducasse Education continuous support

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

*Culinary or Pastry schools, which wish to develop quickly and efficiently, benefiting from the Alain Ducasse support.
* Investors, who wish to invest in a long-term project.