Buying a franchise? These are the laws and terms you shouldn’t ignore

Photo: Cytonn Photography on Unsplash   Buying a franchise operation is a reasonably safe way to run your own business. This doesn’t mean you won’t face a raft of legalese before, and on your way, to signing an agreement. The Consumer Protection Act now regulates the relationship between franchisees and franchisors – but there are […]

Checklist: How To Prepare For The Franchise Interview

  Have you got a franchise interview in the calendar? There’s no need to be nervous. Ultimately, it’s all about demonstrating your commitment to the brand and dedication to business success. And it’s as much an opportunity for you to assess the franchise as it is for the franchisor to assess you. Reading up on […]

Big shift hitting restaurants and takeaways in South Africa

After more than two years of Covid restrictions and increased demand, South Africa’s restaurant and takeaway sectors are seeing a structural shift, says John Loos, property sector strategist at FNB. The data points to three key trends emerging: Growth in the overall Restaurant, Take-Away and Catering Sector is showing signs of slowing, albeit still solid […]

KFC launches new “high tech” restaurant – with a double lane drive-thru

Fast food chain KFC has launched a new “high tech” restaurant in Pinelands, Cape Town, featuring digital menus, self-service kiosks – and a two-lane drive-thru. KFC said that the store is pioneering a new approach to the quick-service food market, which has shifted significantly over the past two years. “The restaurant business as we know […]

Is Your Franchise In Need Of A Cash Injection

IN ASSOCIATION WITH   Business funding is an integral part to unlock the growth of any business and we are in an association with Retail Capital, who provide the South African SME industry with an accessible, flexible and convenient alternative to traditional business loans in the form of funding and asset finance. Retail Capital provides […]

How a small South African bakery grew into a national restaurant franchise

A Doppio Zero restaurant in Sandton, Johannesburg.   How does a former South African volleyball player and a Serbian ex-policeman grow a novel Johannesburg-based bakery into one of the largest restaurant franchises in South Africa? Doppio Zero co-founder Paul Christie explains how a largely opportunistic – rather than strategic – approach to growth has yielded such […]

Big changes coming for restaurants in South Africa: Steers and Debonairs owner

South Africa’s post-Covid restaurant environment will look entirely different from before, and for the better, says restaurant group Famous Brands. Presenting its annual results on Tuesday (31 May), the Steers and Debonairs owner said that this will include establishments that are both cleaner and safer than before. However, it noted that financial constraints have changed […]

10 things to consider before buying into a franchise.

If you’re looking to be your own boss by becoming a business owner, there is a persuasive argument for buying into a franchise rather than striking out on your own – but it’s important to do your homework before signing on the dotted line. Franchising has long been a popular route to entrepreneurial success in […]

Is Your Website In Need Of A Personal Trainer?

A healthy website is an asset in any business. IN ASSOCIATION WITH   Imagine This… You’re out of shape. You’ve got low energy levels. You get tired easily. You struggle to concentrate. You easily get ill. Overall, your drive is gone, and you’re not as productive as you used to be. How do you get […]

What you need to know about owning a real estate franchise

Franchising generates a total of 14% of South Africa’s GDP, offering a popular option to entrepreneurs looking to quickly build a lucrative operation under an established brand. However, not all franchises – in all industries – have the same benefits. What is a franchise According to Tony Clarke, MD of the Rawson Property Group – […]

Vida e Caffè to expand Sweetbeet nationally following acquisition

Coffee franchise Vida e Caffè has acquired Cape Town-based health food restaurant brand Sweetbeet. The deal, concluded in November 2021, sees Vida e Caffè working to expand Sweetbeet across the country, accelerating the growth of the brand in response to consumer demand for healthier food options Sweetbeet has opened four new stores since the acquisition […]

10 Steps Consultants Can Guide You Through When Becoming A Franchise Owner

Taking a leap of faith into franchise ownership is an exciting, life-changing step. The industry is booming with a mind-blowing array of opportunities that run the gamut from small, home-based models to large-scale operations. With new franchise opportunities being introduced practically on a daily basis, how do you find the right one? Enter the franchise consultant. […]

Franchise Summit South Africa 2022

There is a Reason Why the Franchise Model is 80% More Successful SA Franchise Brands is proud to be part of the Franchise Summit South Africa 2022. This is an online event held over three days on 27 May, 02 June and 09 June 2022. Why a summit you may ask? Statistics prove that we […]

On Tap Plumbing and Bathrooms moves into Waterfall Ridge Shopping Centre

On Tap Plumbing and Bathrooms has recently taken up residence at the Waterfall Ridge Shopping Centre in Midrand. The store has a beautiful and upmarket showroom and will be able to cater for the vast plumbing, bathroom & kitchen development happening in the area. The Waterfall Ridge Store will also be able to service far […]

What Does It Take To Be A Franchise Owner?

Very few colleges and universities offer their students subject majors in franchise ownership. Students can study business and learn the skills that will help them become great employees. Some universities even offer a selection of courses on entrepreneurship. However, I’ve observed that many colleges don’t have a single course on franchise ownership. The argument can […]

Kauai, Spur, Panarottis – These restaurants are the most vegan-friendly in SA, report says

    Plant-based restaurants ranking (ProVeg South Africa) ProVeg South Africa ranked local franchises on their plant-based friendliness, and Kauai, Spur, and Panarottis occupied the top three spots. The restaurants were rated out of 15 based on the number of plant-based items they offer on their menu including main courses, side dishes, and desserts. Burger King was […]

6 Top Contributors Of Franchise Failure

Every businessperson wants to avoid failure. Here, we outline some of the main reasons franchises fail and how you can take steps to make sure your venture is successful. Research shows that 97 percent of franchises run in profitability and less than five percent experience a change in ownership. But while only a small minority of franchises fail, it […]

The Importance of Building Your Brand.

A company’s brand is what differentiates itself from its competitors, identifying itself though a unique logo, tagline, or combination of these, creating an image that customers relate to. A brand is something that is built over time by your customers and not the company. It is the way that customers perceive your brand and the […]

How much is a petrol station franchise in South Africa?

There are different options to franchise a petrol station in South Africa, but the price will inevitably be dependent on a variety of factors. Overview The fuel retailing industry in South Africa and all around the globe is a highly complex industry to enter and operate in. One of the most common ways for people […]

5 tips for avoiding franchise conflict

  Franchises are complicated business models, and tensions can arise if you’re not careful. In this article, we look at five of the most common causes of franchise conflicts and how they can be avoided. A perfectly harmonious relationship between franchisor and franchisee is not only impossible, but undesirable. Conflict can be incredibly useful and […]

5 reasons why a strong franchisor-franchisee relationship is so important

Forging an effective franchisor-franchisee relationship is the key to most successful franchises, but it can get lost in all the other aspects of running a franchise. We’re going to outline exactly why your franchisee-franchisor relationship should be a top priority and share our best tips for creating a strong one. Joining a franchise means you’re […]

How to spot fly-by night franchises

  Man’s trusting and often gullible nature is at the core of why prospective businesspeople are often scammed by fly-by-night franchises. Judging by reports in the media of numerous scams offering get-rich-quick schemes and the many reports of unscrupulous operators, there are a whole lot of people out there who are corrupt enough to take […]

Franchising is about a successful global business system

The business principle of franchising seems to have been around since man started trading – the very word ‘franchising’ is derived from an old French word meaning ‘privilege’ or ‘freedom’ and is linked to the granting of licenses to collect taxes for either protection, goods or for utilities. In America the Singer Sewing Machine Company is credited with establishing a franchise-type […]

Franchise Your Business with SA Franchise Brands ®

  Franchising is a fantastic way to expand your business relatively quickly and at a greatly reduced cost. It is a sophisticated way of attracting both capital and people who pay you for the privilege of operating your business under your brand. The franchisee has a vested interest and is more motivated and committed in […]

Imbalie Beauty group evolves into i-Bloom

The Imbalie Beauty group has rebranded to the i-Bloom Group. This follows the delisting of its subsidiaries from the JSE on 17 January, as a requirement from the group’s bankers, after receiving a Covid loan in October 2020. It was also recently announced that B&B Media will be taking over the listed beauty company after […]

How To Deal With Underperforming Franchisees

Effectively dealing with franchisee underperformance can be difficult at every stage of the franchising process. But, as a franchisor, this is one of your primary responsibilities, and poor performance can quickly impact your brand reputation. These franchisor tips will help you perfect your performance management skills. The franchisor-franchisee relationship is central to the success of […]

Franchise opportunities across different sectors

Because franchising can be adapted to almost any business sector, the range of franchise opportunities is extensive. A lot depends on whether the offer is a turn-key operation with retail outlets or a man-in-a-van service franchise or a franchise that can be run from home. The return on investment is often linked to the cost […]

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Running A Franchise Network

Running a franchise network is a great way to expand a business quickly, but it isn’t as easy as many people think. A lack of preparation for the challenges ahead leads lots of ambitious franchisors to make the same common mistakes. The good news is, you can dodge these potential pitfalls if you’re aware of […]

What Makes a Good Franchisee?

Being a good franchisee takes about the same qualities as being a good business owner of any type. The difference between a completely independent owner and a franchisee is very small and only comes into play when dealing with the franchisor’s rules and ability to drive the direction of your business based on their vision […]

These franchise businesses are seeing a lockdown rebound in South Africa: FNB

The slow economic growth over the last couple of years coupled with Covid-19 at the beginning of 2020 and the recent unrests in some parts of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal has brought challenges for the franchising sector. However, data shows that the sector is showing signs of recovery ahead of the festive season, especially in quick […]

How to Develop an Effective Franchise Recruitment Marketing Campaign

  Building your network with the right franchisees is integral to growing your business and strengthening your brand. But how do you find these prospects and generate enough interest in your opportunity to encourage a sales inquiry? Developing a strong franchise recruitment website, along with printed materials, online marketing, and lead-nurturing tools will play a […]


After dedicating a huge amount of time, effort and money into your business over years or even decades of your life, selling up can be a daunting prospect. But, done the right way, a franchise resale is your ticket to an enjoyable and financially secure future.   Ask yourself why you’re selling your franchise Are […]

Is it a Franchise or is it a Business Opportunity?

There is sometimes a little confusion regarding the difference between a franchise and a business opportunity, especially if it is a business opportunity and they call themselves a franchise. Let’s clear this up because both franchise and business opportunities are quite distinct from one another. Both these formats give you the opportunity to go into […]

Quick service restaurants leading franchising sector recovery

The slow economic growth over the last couple of years coupled with Covid-19 at the beginning of 2020 and the recent unrests in some parts of Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal has brought challenges for the franchising sector. ©Tea – 123RF However, FNB data indicates that the sector is showing signs of recovery ahead of the festive […]

Considerations To Keep In Mind Before Investing In A Franchise

This past year has been difficult for many people around the world. But even with the challenges brought on by the pandemic, a surge is expected in franchising in 2021. The International Franchise Association estimated in February that more than 26,000 franchised locations could be added this year, according to CNBC. This expected gain of 3.5% […]

Choosing the Right Franchisees

What do you need to do to prepare for meeting new franchisee prospects in terms of presenting your franchise opportunity? Firstly, ensure your foundations and economics of the business are sound so you can clearly and confidently communicate the franchise opportunity. Next, I see so many franchisors overlook this, take the time to incorporate emotion […]

Can the SA fast food market continue to grow beyond Covid-19?

The answer to this question is yes, but not indefinitely, for now. This is especially the case considering the significant problems facing the country – from Covid-19, electricity loadshedding to the poor economic growth. Source: Flickr The saying goes “how big is the pie”, which refers to the size of the national economy or the […]

What entrepreneurs must know about franchising in SA

  Despite volatility and uncertainty in South Africa’s economy at present, franchising remains a viable option for South African entrepreneurs wanting to generate a good income and create job opportunities. In fact, franchising is considered to be a highly feasible area for potential growth in the South African economic sphere. Source:   The Franchising […]

Here’s how restaurants and takeaways are changing in South Africa

  Famous Brands has published its interim financial results for the six months ended 31 August 2021, with the group posting solid results despite the impact of lockdown and violent looting in July. The group – which carries brands such as Steers, Debonairs and Wimpy – reported revenue of R3 billion, up 50% compared to […]

Spur plans more drive-thrus and ‘ghost kitchens’ in South Africa

The Spur Corporation has published its annual financial results for the year ending 30 June 2021, with the group positive about 2022 as South Africa’s Covid-19 vaccination efforts pick up. Group revenue declined by 10.5% to R681 million. This was due to concessions granted on franchise and marketing fees to franchisees for the first eight […]

How much it costs to open your own Vida E, Mugg & Bean, or Bootlegger coffee shop

Vida e Caffè (Facebook) Coffee shop franchises may be common, but they’re still a growing business in South Africa. Most leading franchises are still looking for new applications, but there are some smaller and cheaper options available as well. In total, buying a branded turnkey coffee shop still costs at least R1 million, with prices […]

How an ex-Nando’s franchisee grew a small Mbombela chicken shop to 160 franchised stores

Galito’s founder Louis Germishuys.   Galito’s started as a single store in Mbombela in the mid-1990s. Owner Louis Germishuys perfected a recipe in his father’s garage before opening his first store opposite a Nando’s. Although he never intended to franchise the brand, today Galito’s has 160 stores across four continents. The brand is still looking […]

From selling chicken dust outside shebeens to owning six franchises across the country

Letlhogonolo Motseeng owning of Moja Chicken. Image: Supplied. Letlhogonolo Motseeng (34) went from selling grilled chicken feet and gizzards outside shebeens, as a boy, to owning Moja Chicken, with six franchises across the country. Motseeng, from Taung in North West, says getting it right and winning in business comes from being involved in his grandmother’s small […]

Slow but positive recovery for Spur group

Spur Corporation, which owns restaurant chains Spur, RocoMamas, John Dory’s and Panarottis, said that the second half of the 2021 trading year produced improved results that indicate “a slow, but positive recovery”. Source: Spur Corporation In its trading statement for the year ended 30 June, Spur said the general macro-economic impact of Covid-19, and the […]

Sale of Burger King South Africa gets the green light

The South African Competition Tribunal has approved the sale of Burger King South Africa and Grand Foods Meat Plant by Grand Parade Investments to international private equity fund Emerging Capital Partners (ECP) Africa. This comes after the deal hit a speedbump earlier this year due to concerns around a lack of BEE shareholding in the acquiring firm. […]

Entrepreneurship & franchising to shape the future

“Recognise us… and the role that we can play in rebuilding the economy.” That was the mantra that echoed amongst the forty speakers at the Franchise Association of South Africa’s virtual conference held last week. Pertunia Sibanyoni, Chairperson of FASA in her opening said, “FASA’s virtual conference could not have come at a more crucial […]

Real Estate Franchising vs Own Business – Know the Risks

The current market conditions makes a case for buying a real estate franchise vs running your own property business. Here’s why. The South African economy, like many others, was deeply affected by the 2008 financial crisis. Various subsequent domestic challenges, including the devastating effects of COVID-19, and ongoing political upheaval and socioeconomic unrest, have resulted […]

Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt: Serving up success for 30 years

  The first Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt store opened in Stellenbosch in 1989, serving up a healthier alternative to the frozen desserts available at the time using an engaging over-the-counter service format. Source: Supplied The stiff competition and sheer variety that exists among food service providers in SA’s metropolitan cities today was not the case then, […]

Ocean Basket uses unique roadhouse-style dining option, saving jobs in the process

South Africa has entered the second week of its latest two-week level 4 lockdown, with restaurants – among others – bearing the brunt as sit-down dining has been disallowed. In an attempt to minimise the blow, some of seafood franchise restaurant Ocean Basket’s branches have launched a roadhouse-style dining experience.

Balancing the scales in franchising

Among the many industry sectors in South Africa, whether agriculture, mining or manufacturing, franchising is the only one that covers a whole spectrum of business sectors (around 14) and contributes almost 14% to the country’s GDP – far above all other sectors whose contributions are in the single digits – but sadly, as an industry sector, it often does not get enough credit for its contribution.

Spur launches its first drive-thru restaurant in South Africa

The Spur Corporation has launched its first drive-thru restaurant as it aims to offer broader appeal and convenience to customers.
The drive-thru, situated in Karenspark in Pretoria, will offer meals that are traditionally sold at its restaurants including burgers, chicken wings, ribs and onion rings, the group said.

Sale of Burger King South Africa blocked over lack of black ownership

The Competition Commission has prohibited a proposed takeover of Burger King in South Africa by an international private equity fund.
Last year, the struggling Grand Parade Investments announced that it would sell Burger King South Africa and Grand Foods Meat Plant, which primarily supplies Burger King with patties, to a fund owned by Emerging Capital Partners (ECP). ECP, which was founded in the US, is a private equity firm that focuses on African investments.

DIY and home services supporting franchise industry recovery

  The news that listed group Italtile expects its full-year earnings to surge by 70%, boosted by a high demand for its products and an 18.5% increase in total retail store sales, is an impressive growth story in the midst of a pandemic. Italtile, as a manufacturer, franchisor (for brands Italtile Retail, CTM, TopT and […]

2021 will see Galito’s total number of outlets in Kenya increase to 20

2021 will see Galito’s total number of outlets in Kenya increase to 20, growing the brand’s visibility and accessibility on the continent while many in the industry flounder given the current tough global economy. So, what is creating African growth for Galito’s? Galito’s founder and CEO Louis Germishuys believes the success of its expansion into […]

Spur group to expand takeaway format following revenue slump

The Covid-19 pandemic has decimated Spur Corporation’s revenue, resulting in a 40.2% decline to R314.2m for the six months ended December 2020. However, the company is seeing strong growth in takeaways and will be expanding on this trading format going forward.

Franchise sector prepared to help rebuild economy, says new FASA chair

Pertunia Sibanyoni, CEO of InspectaCar, has been appointed as the new chair of Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) for 2021/2022. She boasts seventeen years’ experience in franchising, twelve of them spent in the oil and energy sectors and the current four in automotive and financial services.

Business success – the franchise way

Everyone dreams of owning their own business, writing their own salary cheque and being successful. But in reality, only a small proportion of people realise that dream as the barriers to setting up a business are often quite daunting, the costs often prohibitive and the expertise needed to make the business work often lacking.

Are you the Master Franchisor for Nutty Scientists in South Africa?

Nutty Scientists is a Global Leader in the development of STEAM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) for children of all ages. Our hands-on programs pique the interest and curiosity of children (and adults!) at schools, camps, parties, festivals, and special events all over the world!

The evolution of franchises post Covid-19

Nearly eleven months after South Africa’s lockdown was first declared, there remains a great deal of uncertainty about the effect that the coronavirus pandemic will continue to have on our society and economy in 2021.

Food Lover’s Market create social enterprise opportunities

Food Lover’s Market has launched its Seeds Of Change Supplier Development Partnership to create opportunities for social enterprises to join the fresh produce retailer’s network as a supplier. They are looking for businesses that are ideally socially and environmentally focused, are passionate about retail and motivated to deliver the best quality product or service.

ActionCOACH Promotional Offer

We’ve reflected on what happened over the past year and have seen first-hand the challenges and even devastation business owners have faced. We had to find a way to be part of the solution, as coaching is now needed more than ever before.

Retail franchise PNA expands store footprint

PNA, the specialist retailer of stationery, art and craft materials, educational books and related items, is growing its footprint with two new store openings in Gauteng. PNA at East Rand Retail Park opened its doors on 16 October while the Hyde Park Corner store opened on 22 October.

How Spur is using delivery services to fight back

Six months in, a big bet on ‘virtual’ kitchens looks very promising …. The Covid-19 lockdowns have led to innovative responses from the likes of Spur Corporation. Regular users of food delivery platforms such as Uber Eats or Mr D Food may be ordering from their neighbourhood Spur or Panarottis without even realising it.

Big franchise brands not better off during the pandemic

The weaknesses inherent in franchised businesses and the health of relationships between franchisor and franchisees are being revealed as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds. Excessive reliance on retail infrastructure, insufficient investment in digitisation and poor delivery capability is severely impacting franchised networks.

Spur expects Covid-19 effects to linger longer

The restaurant group’s annual profits are down over 21% due to lockdown restrictions. Spur, the owner of RocoMamas, John Dory’s Fish Grill Sushi and Nikos Coalgrill Greek, expects the economic devastation of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown to linger over the medium term.

Eight new Starbucks coffee shops to open in SA by 2021

Rand Capital Coffee is forging ahead with its expansion strategy, announcing that eight new Starbucks stores will be opening in South Africa within four weeks – from mid-November to mid-December – with six of them planned for Cape Town.

Prepare for the franchise resurgence

When it comes to picking up the pieces from the devastation that has been 2020 and the coronavirus, the franchise sector is leading the way in its recovery.

GaliPods ignite entrepreneurship in rural and peri-urban areas

“Primarily located in rural and peri-urban areas, GaliPods bring a well-known brand into these communities who are delighted to be able to access this food service so close to home, but they work well just about anywhere provided there are enough people in the area,” Galito’s group marketing executive Caitlin Winson.

Del Forno back on track

We are officially back on track and grateful that the lockdown restrictions are easing and we can return to some normalcy. We are happy to confirm that all our stores are open for to the public for sit-down, take-away and delivery.

The importance of agility for a franchisee in the times of Covid-19

We know that our economy is challenging, and that the world is changing rapidly. The novel coronavirus has brought more challenges for our economies, in South Africa and around the world. The ability to “quickly reconfigure strategy, structure, processes, people, and technology toward value-creating and value-protecting opportunities” – McKinsey’s useful definition of agility

South Africa’s franchising businesses are adapting to life during Covid-19

Franchising has at its heart the spirit of entrepreneurship but amidst the Covid-19 pandemic that has resulted in immeasurable destruction of small businesses, the question remains whether the entrepreneurial flame can be re-ignited for future growth, says the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA).

Franchising – Adjusting to the new normal

With seemingly no end to the ravages of the corona virus, franchising and businesses across the globe are fighting for their survival and are shifting operations to accommodate an unknown landscape. 

Farewell and thank you to Vera Valasis FASA’s executive director

After fifteen years at the helm of the Franchise Association of South Africa as Executive Director, Vera Valasis has resigned from FASA and is moving on to new challenges. She holds the distinction of being the first woman to hold the position in FASA’s 41-year existence.

Goodbye to Kurt Illetschko – Franchising’s staunchest ally

The franchising community is mourning the passing of Kurt Illetschko, who dedicated his life to the promotion of franchising and was a founder member of the Franchise Association of South Africa. Our condolences go to his family from all at FASA and from all who knew him.

Franchise sector to get code of conduct and ombud

A recent exposé on an investigative television programme put the spotlight on the compliance of franchise companies with the Consumer Protection Act’s Regulations and with the Code of Ethics as set down by the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA).

Franchise compliance lacking despite CPA protection

A recent exposé on an investigative television programme put the spotlight on the compliance of franchise companies with the Consumer Protection Act’s Regulations and with the Code of Ethics as set down by the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA).

Del Forno – Handling the Covid-19 pandemic positively

During recent months, it will come as no surprise that people have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic globally. This is also true for the restaurant industry, and we would like to use this opportunity to offer feedback on our journey during the Covid-19 pandemic and the National Lockdown since we have reopened.

Sorbet appeals to open under strict hygiene conditions

The Grooming Sector (nail, hair, beauty & health services) which has a high proportion of female owners who are often the sole breadwinners of their families and support many dependants is suffering immense losses during this lockdown.

Franchise business owners feel lockdown pinch

From negotiating rental relief with landlords and royalty fees with franchisers to asking for relaxed loan repayments with banks, franchise operators are battling to survive the Covid-19 lockdown as trade continues to be restricted.

Del Forno – PIZZA | PASTA | GRILL – A passion for good food

At Del Forno, we pride ourselves of quality of our service and the ingredients we use to give you the best tasting Italian cuisine. Our recipe for success is A PASSION FOR GOOD FOOD enabling us to provide our patrons with the best meals and the best service!

SA sales have met expectations, Famous Brands says

Famous Brands, the owner of Steers, Wimpy and Debonairs Pizza, said on Thursday sales growth for its year to end-February met expectations even as it battled with load-shedding and SA’s deteriorating economy.

Ocean Basket’s new smaller stores drive ROI

There’s a buzzing new Ocean Basket at Haasendal Gables, Cape Town, where you’ll find the ever-friendly seafood people, a home-from-home feeling and great value for your hard-earned bucks; but there’s something more important taking place here.

Burger King South Africa franchise to be sold

Grand Parade Investments (GPI) says it will sell all of the shares it holds in Burger King South Africa – being 95.36% – to ECP Africa Fund as part of its restructuring process.

1. Are you the Master Franchisor for Nutty Scientists in South Africa?

Nutty Scientists is a Global Leader in the development of STEAM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) for children of all ages. Our hands-on programs pique the interest and curiosity of children (and adults!) at schools, camps, parties, festivals, and special events all over the world!

4. This is how much it’ll cost you to own an automotive franchise like Supa Quick and Dent Doctor

There are many automotive aftermarket franchises available to purchase. You will expect to fork out around R1.5 million to R2 million for most of these businesses. One of the easiest ways for new entrepreneurs to participate in the automotive sector is to buy into an existing automotive aftermarket franchise. This includes businesses like panel beaters, parts suppliers, tyre repair and sales, car batteries, vehicle repairs, and even carwashes.

5. #BizTrends2020: The social franchising opportunity

It wasn’t the pursuit of riches, the drive of ambition or even his love of spicy, flame-grilled chicken that led entrepreneur Louis Germishuys to open his then-Nelspruit-based business, Galito’s, to franchising.

ActionCOACH Promotional Offer

We’ve reflected on what happened over the past year and have seen first-hand the challenges and even devastation business owners have faced. We had to find a way to be part of the solution, as coaching is now needed more than ever before.

1. Growing Galito’s across SA

It wasn’t the pursuit of riches, the drive of ambition or even his love of spicy, flame-grilled chicken that led entrepreneur Louis Germishuys to open his then-Nelspruit-based business, Galito’s, to franchising.

Starbucks South Africa sold for R7m

Taste Holdings announced on Friday that it is selling its Starbucks franchise business in South Africa for R7m. It is being bought by a consortium of shareholders, including Rand Group, which is owned by Adrian Maizey, a non-executive director of Taste.

Owner of Steers and Wimpy takes profit hit

Famous Brands [JSE:FBR] – owner of Steers, Wimpy, Debonairs and Mugg & Bean – has suffered a 15% fall in headline earnings, while revenue remained flat at around R3.6bn in the six months to end-August.

Growing Galito’s across SA

It wasn’t the pursuit of riches, the drive of ambition or even his love of spicy, flame-grilled chicken that led entrepreneur Louis Germishuys to open his then-Nelspruit-based business, Galito’s, to franchising. Rather, it was the constant pleading from friends and family to share his creation with the world that eventually made him do so — everyone, it seems, wanted in on the piri-piri empire.

1 Introducing The Daily Coffee Express

The Daily Coffee Group, a fast-growing and truly South African coffee franchise group, has recently introduced its latest coffee franchise model, The Daily Coffee Express.

Krispy Kreme is heading to Cape Town

Krispy Kreme’s signature glazed doughnuts will soon be available in Cape Town as the company has announced plans to open its first store in the Mother City towards the end of 2019.

Why franchises are opting for shopping centres or malls

It has been proven time and again that choosing the right location is key to success in franchising. According to the latest FASA (Franchise Association of South Africa) survey, more franchises are choosing to be located at a shopping centre or mall.

Spur founder Allen Ambor retires

Effective from 1 March, founder of Spur Corporation Allen Ambor has officially retired after more than 50 years of service at the food franchise business.

How do I know which Franchise is right for me?

I have been asked this question many times before and I will probably be asked this question many times into the future. My simple response to this question is, “What are you passionate about and what can you afford?”

Franchise sector opens up the heart of any economy

Despite a struggling economy, the franchise sector has grown steadily and continues to make a strong contribution to the South African GDP across sectors, this is according to the Franchise Association of South Africa’s (FASA) 2018 survey.

Three franchising trends in South Africa

A recent survey conducted by the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) revealed that the franchising industry has grown from contributing 13.3% to the South African Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2017 to its current figure of 15.7% despite the tough economic climate and its impact on franchises.

What franchises need to lookout for from Budget Speech

Franchise business owners are waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the 2019 National Budget Speech to be delivered by Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, as they seek more opportunities to increase their contribution to GDP.

Corner Bakery grows year-on-year!

Corner Bakery is probably most well known in the Engen Quickshops in forecourts across Southern Africa – as the most convenient and delicious place for a premium pie, healthy snacks and an invigorating cup of Equatorial Coffee.

RocoMamas shines for Spur group

New stores on the cards for company’s star performer in places like India and Saudi Arabia as restaurant sales increase 31.5%

Real Foods appoints ex-CEOs Kevin Hedderwick and Antony Ball

Former Famous Brands group chief executive Kevin Hedderwick has joined the Real Foods board as group strategic director, while Antony Ball, the former co-founder, CEO and major shareholder of Brait, has also joined the Real Foods board as of 1 October 2018.

FNB announces the 7th Franchise Leadership Summit

FNB is hosting the 7th Franchise Leadership Summit at Montecasino on Tuesday, 13 November 2018. The summit is a well-attended industry discussion amongst high calibre franchisors and industry stakeholders

Local franchises boost Spur sales

Fast food chain the Spur Corporation says it recorded a 1.3% jump in franchised restaurants sales to R7.1bn, boosted by business from local outlets.

4. 14 food franchises that cost less than R2 million to open in South Africa

The fast food and quick service restaurant (QSR) sector continues to grow despite tough economic times. This is according to Andre Beck, sector head of Fast Food and Restaurants at FNB Business, who notes that with a contribution in excess of 29%, QSR has by far the biggest share in franchising turnover

1. FASA Awards honour SA’s leaders in franchising

The Franchise Association of South Africa’s (FASA) Awards for Excellence in Franchising held recently, saw health food brand Kauai walk off with multiple awards including the coveted title of Franchisor of the Year.