2021 will see Galito’s total number of outlets in Kenya increase to 20

2021 will see Galito’s total number of outlets in Kenya increase to 20, growing the brand’s visibility and accessibility on the continent while many in the industry flounder given the current tough global economy. So, what is creating African growth for Galito’s?

Galito’s founder and CEO Louis Germishuys believes the success of its expansion into Africa has to do with keeping their philosophies simple and sticking to a winning formula that has worked for 25 years. “Chicken is a big part of the African diet, but that’s just the basis for the opportunity. Combine that philosophy with Galito’s taste profile of flame-grilled, piri-piri flavours and you really start speaking to African consumers.

“Price points are important in Africa – if you’re not looking at your price you’re going to be in trouble. You’ve got to be competitive, but you can’t be competitive by providing an inferior product.  So, you have to be better at everything you do. After a comfortable and clean store, with a warm, welcoming vibe, what’s most important is what’s on the plate and whether it’s priced right.”

The Galito’s story began in Mpumalanga, when Germishuys opened his first outlet in 1996. In 2003 he decided to share its unique flavours with the rest of South Africa. It was at this point that the Galito’s brand began to develop, and franchising efforts took off in earnest.

Starting out as a franchisee himself, Germishuys is in a unique position as a CEO, he knows what it’s like to stand behind the grill for days on end and has a deep understanding of running a store from the bottom up. He understands franchisee needs and subsequently pushes for the most favourable ROI’s and offers a strong head office support structure to the franchisees.

Today Galito’s operates more than 150 stores across 4 continents and in 17 countries. Within Africa, Galito’s has spread its iconic rooster wings into Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, DRC, Botswana, Mauritius, Lesotho, Swaziland and, Namibia (opening soon) with more territories on the horizon. The Galitos’ model recruits a master license franchisee for a country, from where individual franchises hatch and is looking for new master license agreements across African countries.

Galito’s offers different store options, including the innovative entry level GaliPod, whose set-up costs and ROI’s are greatly value engineered compared to competitors. This means Galito’s is a well-priced business opportunity that makes ownership of a franchise accessible to a larger segment of the population while maintaining its position as an aspirational brand.

With Africa looking to develop small businesses across the continent, franchising is a great vehicle to adopt, as together with establishing strong relationships with local suppliers, ensuring staff are skilled in customer service and prudently locating the outlets, your success rate is dramatically increased.

“Covid has had a negative impact on most businesses, but you are always safer with a franchise because of the relationships and muscle that franchising brings to the party,” Germishuys concludes.

Source: Cheryl Hunter

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