A taste for the Spur (franchise) life


Franchisee Donald Clarkson talks about how Nedbank has helped him grow his business and deal with some of the challenges of operating in the difficult SA economy.

Nedbank Franchising interview with Spur

Franchisee Donald Clarkson has spent the past 29 years with the Spur Franchise Company and has no plans on stopping any time soon.

With nine Spurs, four John Dory’s, and a RocoMamas under his watch, he is no stranger to the pressures of being a franchise owner. Thanks to the help of Nedbank, he is looking at expanding his business even more.

In this video, he discusses some of the challenges of working in the South African environment and the advantages of being a franchisee under the Spur brand.

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Source: www.moneyweb.co.za

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