Since its successful launch into the South African market in April last year, followed by the opening of six stores from October 2014, Domino’s Pizza has already made a noteworthy contribution to job creation around the country.  The six restaurants effectively employ over 180 people, and more than 300 jobs will be created with the opening of an additional 12 restaurants by the end of March 2015. The company estimates that it will open or convert 125 stores in 2015, adding further socio-economic development initiatives.

Domino’s Pizza employs a range of employees, including those who function as trainers, general managers, assistant managers, behind-the-counter crew and drivers, as well as head office staff. Ongoing skills development is taking place with 22 employees already having completed in-depth training of between two and five weeks in Miami, Florida, USA, with the Domino’s Pizza International team.

Further, Domino’s Pizza South Africa works hand in hand with Khulisa Social Solutions to ensure that a large majority of their new employees are previously disadvantaged and currently unemployed individuals. Khulisa is an NGO that addresses social vulnerabilities as a systemic problem. Through multiple partnerships and internationally-acclaimed best-practice programmes such as the one with Domino’s Pizza, the company builds capacity for grass-root motivated upliftment.

“We are committed to empowering people and what better way to do so then to have a direct impact on our local communities around our stores and offer individuals the opportunity to better themselves through job creation and our partnership with Khulisa,” says Taste Holdings CEO, Carlo Gonzaga.

In addition to their job creation, the international in-store hygiene and food safety and quality standards being applied at all Domino’s Pizza outlets have heralded new levels of health, safety and food preparation in South Africa. Employees undergo rigorous training on these important aspects of the business and all restaurants are regularly inspected to ensure compliance to the exacting food safety standards and to monitor adherence to all processes and procedures designed to deliver a great customer experience.

Domino’s Pizza also has very specific requirements governing the approval of suppliers and food products. Local suppliers must comply with the international standard of hygiene and food safety set out by Dominos International.  However, Taste Holdings, which holds the rights as an exclusive Master Franchisee to market the brand in nine southern African countries, is putting a robust emphasis on local procurement and intends to build a dynamic supply chain comprising South African suppliers.

As such, local ingredients are regularly submitted to a quality assurance panel at Domino’s Pizza International in the USA, where they are scrutinised and evaluated before being given the go-ahead to appear on the menu.  A purpose-built facility in Midrand produces fresh pizza dough to the precise specifications of the franchise and distributes it to Domino’s Pizza stores countrywide.

Domino’s Pizza is an American restaurant chain and international franchise pizza delivery company. It was founded in 1960 and today is the second-largest pizza chain in the United States and the largest worldwide, with more than 11,000 corporate and franchised stores in over 70 countries.

The brand was launched on the South African market with tremendous fanfare, successfully  delivering a South African Domino’s Pizza brand positioning, corporate identity and creative direction that replicates the essence of the global brand, while at the same time presenting local pizza lovers with an attractive new choice. The launch programme comprised local, national and social media components.

“At Taste Holdings, we are proud to be the operators of the Domino’s Pizza brand in South Africa and most of Southern Africa,” explains Gonzaga. “We believe that Domino’s Pizza is the best pizza delivery brand in the world and we’re hugely excited to be benefiting from the great products, systems and demanding standards that move this brand forward around the world.

“We have no doubt that joining forces with the global leader in pizza delivery is the right thing to do for our customers, for our franchisees and for our team members across the country. Under the Domino’s Pizza banner, we have our sights set firmly on claiming the number one pizza delivery title in the areas in which we currently trade and will trade in the future.”

Opinion piece shared by PR Worx.

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