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Everyone dreams of owning their own business, writing their own salary cheque and being successful. But in reality, only a small proportion of people realise that dream as the barriers to setting up a business are often quite daunting, the costs often prohibitive and the expertise needed to make the business work often lacking.

Where franchising comes into its own is in the fact that it gives all the advantages of operating your own business, but without many of the headaches that go with setting up a new business, researching it, finding the suppliers, marketing it and managing it. In a franchise business, you have the opportunity to think big without taking as big a risk as you would if you were venturing out on your own.

The advantages of choosing to go the franchise route include:

A Successful Concept

Unlike a business idea or a one-off business, the franchise concept is an established business with a certain degree of success, a proven reputation and a system that can be easily duplicated.

A Recognised Name

Through the duplication of the business format through franchising, a strong brand name is soon established. This benefit soon grows from store to suburb, from region to national.

A Proven Business Method

Franchising allows you to follow a proven business format, sell a product or service that has a history of success and enjoys a high demand in the marketplace. The original concept may not be your own but, in signing up as a franchisee, you are given the rights for a specified period of time, to use that intellectual property within the framework of a franchise contract, and become a successful business person in your own right.

Borrowed Expertise

Nowhere else in business is a franchisee able to feed off the experience of the franchisor to increase the potential of his own success. Whilst this does come at a premium in terms of royalties and contracts, most franchisees would never have been able to succeed on their own.

Follow the Blueprint

When buying into a franchise concept, you have the advantage of having a franchisor that has the blueprint to success, has done all the groundwork and has the structures in place to help you to business success. All you need to do is commit to making the business work, follow the franchisor’s lead and reap the rewards of being one of the brand’s many successful franchisees.

Support Structures

From the moment you sign on the dotted line with a proven franchise concept, you will get a full turn-key operation – from site selection to the design and set up of the store – all you need to do is absorb the ethos of the brand, commit to being a productive franchisee and follow the proven business format that has been tried and tested.

Training sets you up for Success

Key to the success of any franchise is the training given to franchisees to operate the business. You will learn the tricks of the trade and will benefit from the errors that the franchisor had to go through when setting up the business. What you are avoiding, when buying into a franchise, is making the mistakes that first time entrepreneurs make when setting up new business.

Pooled Resources

Being part of a franchise family means pooling resources and getting group benefits – in everything from bulk-buying, product development, sourcing of stock to benefiting from corporate marketing and advertising campaigns that, as an independent business you would not be able to afford.

Viable Opportunity for Success

Because the groundwork to establish a new concept, build a brand and expand the concept has been taken care of by the franchisor, there is a higher chance of success for franchisees in the system and a lower risk of failure. This has been borne out by statistics which show that franchisees have a failure rate of under 10% compared to independent start-ups with a failure rate of up to 90%.

Source: Franchise Association of South Africa –

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