Scooters Pizza fans can expect an even greater slice of the good life in 2014 as the fastest growing pizza chain in South Africa is celebrating the New Year with a new and innovative menu. The already extensive menu now includes the juiciest, cheesiest and most mouth-watering additional items that will not only keep existing pizza aficionados loyal but will attract new customers.

The menu additions follow in depth customer research of every aspect of the Scooters Pizza menu, studies of the latest and greatest fast food trends, innovative design and photographic elements, as well as colour-impact studies.

By remaining focused on offering value for money and only including the most popular dishes on its menu, customers can now look forward to devouring six new pizzas:

  • Three Cheese & Caramelised Onion
  • Cheesy Russian
  • Bolognaise, Banana and Chutney
  • Double Rib Fest
  • Cream Cheese, Bacon & Sweet Bell Pepper
  • Club Supreme

In addition, customers can also expect the highest quality and mouth-watering family side order additions which include cheese stix (must try!), garlic butter roll deluxe, cocktail sausages and to-die-for sweet cinnamon stix.

Jay Currie, CEO of Taste Holdings Food Division, explains that adding the new items to the menu means that the Scooters Pizza faithful’s will find something new to enjoy, and it will also appeal to the taste buds of new pizza-holics.

“Since Scooters Pizza’s inception 14 years ago, we have always remained committed to serving our customers quality food and offering our franchisees excellent business opportunities. The menu-revamp gives us the opportunity to demonstrate product innovation and to continue setting the standards for value-for-money offering and exceptional customer service that is linked to our brand promise of delivery within 39-minutes or it’s free. Our franchisees also love the new menu as existing customers are ordering and spending more, and new customers are being converted to repeat business.  It really is a win-win situation for everyone.”

Aside from offering customers a wide variety of old and new options, Scooters Pizza has also introduced a few recipe revamps, such as a fresh and new tasting Mexican, Chicken Tikka, Chicken & Mushroom, Chicken & BBQ as well as the juiciest Hawaiian pizzas.

Pizza time is any time, so why not head on over to or call your nearest Scooters Pizza to sample the new menu today. Be warned though, you will be back for more…

Opinion piece shared by PR Worx.

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