Chicken Licken fans may finally get home deliveries – the chain is in talks with Uber Eats

Chicken Licken


  • One of the most regular complaints about South African fast food is back again: why is Chicken Licken not available via the major food delivery services?
  • Chicken Licken won’t say.
  • But it has revealed that it is in talks with Uber Eats, and so could finally join KFC and Nando’s on that platform


Chicken Licken may just be popping up as an option on Uber Eats, at some point in the future, possibly.

The chain would this week provide no other details, but in response to questions from Business Insider South Africa said it is “currently in discussion/negotiations with Uber Eats”.

It would not say why it is not yet available via such a delivery platform, nor what kind of customer activism it would take to change that.

Some among its cult following this week resurrected one of the most regular and dependable complaints around fast food in general and Chicken Licken specifically.

Small and local delivery services have, at different points, offered a very limited form of delivery from Chicken Licken by dint of taking orders, walking into stores to buy chicken, and transporting that chicken to homes. But while competitors KFC and Nando’s have embraced faster, more convenient, and increasingly nationally-available delivery services, Chicken Licken has remained out in the cold.

Services such as Uber Eats and Mr D Food charge restaurants large commissions on orders, which means fast food outlets either take a financial hit or raise their prices on such platforms, an unenviable choice for any chain that competes on price.

It is not clear whether Chicken Licken faithful will be asked to pay a premium for home delivery, or will be willing to pay it, but complaints about the lack of delivery options have been regular as clockwork….


Source: Business Insider South Africa –


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