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Purchasing a fast-food franchise can be very expensive. Chicken Xpress aims to lower the barriers to entry significantly. 

Setting up a fast-food franchise can easily cost millions, which means that a lot of emerging entrepreneurs can’t afford it.

Chicken Xpress is aiming to change this by making a fast-food franchise more affordable.

The company focuses on setting up small (around 80m2) but busy outlets in areas with high traffic.


Chicken Xpress tries to make fast-food franchise ownership more accessible by offering franchises for less than R1 million.

In contrast to a lot of the competition, a Chicken Xpress store can be purchased for around R970 000.

“We want our business model to be accessible to emerging entrepreneurs who aren’t able to spend millions. Compared to other franchises out there, a Chicken Xpress store is relatively affordable and significantly lowers the traditional barriers to entry,” explains Devon Scoulelis, founder of Chicken Xpress

Chicken Xpress currently has 16 stores across South Africa, but is aiming to put up another 40 within the next 12 months. It has also opened stores in Botswana and Sudan, and is looking at moving into Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda and Ghana.

With this in mind, the company has started rolling out what it calls the ‘Chicken Xpress Container Concept’, which provides a turnkey ‘store-in-a-box’ that can be set up quickly and easily. In addition, it is also starting to offer bigger franchises that can be set up in areas with a particularly high demand.

“We want franchisees that are passionate and willing to grow alongside the brands,” says Scoulelis. “And we want as many franchisees as possible to eventually become multi-unit owners.”


  • Chicken Xpress aims to lower barriers to fast-food franchise ownership by making franchises more affordable.
  • The brand is looking to expand aggressively in the near future, setting up around 40 shops throughout South Africa in the next 12 months.

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