Scooters Pizza

Clayville Shopping Centre now welcomes a slice of the good life as Carlos Pereira and Jorge Teixeira proudly open up their very own Scooters Pizza.

With only hard work and dedication in mind, these two gentlemen are ready to set fire to the community of Clayville. Pereira believes that the only way to succeed in life is to put your heart and soul into everything that you do and then success will be in your favour.

Having always been loyal fans of Scooters Pizza, Pereira took his passion for the brand to the next level when he decided to become his own boss and buy into the franchise. “Ever since I can remember, when the pizza craving kicked in the only thing that came to mind was Scooters Pizza, they have always had the most cheesiest, juiciest and flavoursome pizzas ever! I was looking for a new life venture and I thought why not be my own boss and why not be my own boss of my own Scooters Pizza, it was the best idea and decision that I have made up to date.”

Managing Executive of Scooters Pizza, Jeanne Geldenhuys, is thrilled to welcome the two new franchisees to the brand’s family and believes that Pereira and Teixeira will make a success of their store, “With the love for pizza that these two men have, I have no doubt that they will only serve the best of the best in their store and we are proud to welcome them into the Taste Holdings family.”

Pereira states that their recipe to success is a simple one, hard work, “In life, nothing comes easy; it takes hard work to succeed in every aspect of life. My store will have two rules, hard work at all time and tasty pizzas only.” With his dedication to this brand, Pereira believes that his store will be the best pizza in town and soon in another town as he plans on expanding in the future.

Our entire team is looking forward to meeting everyone that walks through our doors and we invite you to come try some our delicious pizza, tasty wraps, pizones, subs and irresistible desserts,” he concludes.

Opinion piece shared by PR Worx.

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