Col’cacchio Holdings is entering the ‘fast casual’ sphere with the launch of a new brand: First Base. It has opened its first store at the Paddocks Shopping Centre in Milnerton, Cape Town. The brand will allow customers to craft their own tailor-made pizzas and salads.

How will a First Base experience differ from that offered by a traditional Col’Cacchio restaurant? Well, as with other fast-casual operations, it will offer an experience that falls somewhere between that of a fast-food joint and a traditional restaurant. The dining experience is far less formal that you’d find in a normal restaurant, but not quite as casual as that of a fast food restaurant. Service is quick and the atmosphere is slightly frantic.

Also in line with the fast-casual philosophy, First Base will allow customers to craft their own unique pizzas and salads.

“Customers are on the move and need to have fast options that can be eaten on lunch break or picked up on the way home. Customers are becoming more aware about what they are eating and fast casual restaurants provide quality and healthier options at a fair price. The authenticity of our food, plus speedy service and sexy stores will be key to our success at First Base,” says Michael Terespolsky, MD of Col’Cacchio Holdings.

Reference: Standard Bank BizConnect

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