The franchise model is designed in such a way that people without a lot of business experience still have the opportunity to own their own businesses. So it seems fair that, with franchisors putting in a lot of training to get their franchisees up to snuff, franchisees pay it forward by training their staff to reach their full potential and live long, healthy lives that allow them to build wealth.

Col’Cacchio pizzeria not only embodies the philosophy of franchisee and staff training, it’s breaking new ground and taking staff training to a whole new level.

The gourmet pizza franchise is already renowned for its innovations – such as healthy, low-calorie pizzas, and banting-friendly bases – quality and customers service, and is now developing a new reputation for caring for its staff, whether they’re kitchen staff, waiters or store managers by implementing an e-learning staff-training programme.

Developing staff to new levels 

This online training solution produced in conjunction with collaborating firm, Fuel, has been implemented in all 31 Col’Cacchio pizzeria stores nationwide and is offering all staff fundamental food-safety, hygiene and customer-service tools in an engaging, interactive and accessible format.

All employees work through a series of video clips on dedicated iPads that have been installed in the stores. As they successfully complete a module and answer a series of assessments, they progress to the next lesson.

“Col’Cacchio pizzeria’s e-learning platform is used as a training tool to ensure training is consistent throughout the group, that information is available at the touch of a button at any time of the day or night, and provides our staff with the resources necessary to develop their restaurant and hospitality skills,” says national training manager for Col’Cacchio, Roslyn Mommsen.

Above and beyond for e-learning 

Col’Cacchio pizzeria’s e-learning platform has also been designed to extend beyond the working environment with extensive information offered to equip staff with the knowledge, resource and support service information needed to help them improve their life skills.  Modules include coping mechanisms when dealing with abuse, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, first-aid basics and basic banking, to name a few.

“Col’Cacchio pizzeria’s employees are part of their family and are our greatest assets. We’re extremely proud of our staff and the mixture of talent, enthusiasm and experience they bring to the Col’Cacchio pizzeria brand,” adds Mommsen.

“Our goal is to inspire and support staff to grow in the workplace, but at the same time we would like to equip them with life skill basics that they may not necessarily normally have access to. This information can in turn have a larger impact on perhaps their family, friends and the community. We believe that giving back to our staff is vital – if we can assist in any way by improving their personal lives, we will naturally have a happier and more productive team.” concludes Mommsen.

Ref: Standard Bank BizConnect

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