Del Forno – Handling the Covid-19 pandemic positively


During recent months, it will come as no surprise that people have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic globally. This is also true for the restaurant industry, and we would like to use this opportunity to offer feedback on our journey during the Covid-19 pandemic and the National Lockdown since we have reopened.

Our journey through the pandemic

We are extremely proud of all our Stores and how the Store Owners have handled this situation. We reopened our stores on 1 May 2020 to trade our way through this mess and take care of our staff, knowing it might be difficult. Amidst all the Regulations and restrictions which we follow closely, we keep on adapting and adjusting and we are still grateful for how this has turned out for us. Currently we are making the best out of a truly crazy situation, and we are committed to continue to give our all and offer only the best to our Customers.

In terms of The Disaster Management Act and the most recent announcement by the President, we confirm that the Restaurant Industry have now extended their services to take-away and collection orders. Although we are financially not nearly where we were before the pandemic, we remain positive. With limited services and restrictions by Government, the majority of our Stores are not doing nearly their usual turnovers. It has had a major effect on our Business. This is concerning to us all, but we cannot let fear and negativity keep us from trying. Our CEO, Mr Sotirios Frantzeskakis has been leading our Stores during this journey and he inspires us daily. He reminds us to be positive, and reminds us that this is not a time to focus on ourselves but rather a time to be compassionate to our fellow human beings.

From our Head Office we have been working hard to keep costing down, and we have a lot of special offers running at the moment. We want to ensure that even during this time where money is tight and the future is uncertain, that our Customers can turn to something familiar and continue enjoying our food. We are fortunate to have our own Mobile App for ordering, and this also assists Customers because they get 10% off their first order and when they order directly from us, Customers do not pay third party commissions. This really helps the Stores to be more profitable.

Store owners standing strong

We are extremely proud of how our Franchisees have been responding through this crisis. Some of our Store Owners have also spoken up about their direct experiences.

Elder Lopes of our Del Forno Farrarmere Store has said: “We all know it’s chaos. We as a group are working from a place of love, and a place of focus of how we can help each other. If everyone can just think how we can help the next guy that would change everything. I have not asked one of my staff to leave. We know these are difficult times but we will push thought this together.

Ricky Gomes from our Del Forno Sunwardpark Store shared that he is a positive person and business has been okay for him under the circumstances. Every area and shopping centre is different, and he has found that you cannot be jealous of your neighbour.

Paul Fernandes and Dorathy Leal (Del Forno Bromhof) said: “As a store in the community and well loved by our clientele we have worked extensively to make sure we comply with the Regulations and also added a few more safety measures to ensure the safety of our product. We have worked on a system to get our food to the customer on time and in a safe manner.”

Del Forno giving back

Del Forno has excitingly and passionately collaborated with ChilliPix Photography whom manufactures branded masks which are handmade by people that have lost their income due to the COVID-19 Crisis. We saw this initiative and thought this is a wonderful way to get involved in the community! By manufacturing and selling the masks, over 40 people from different backgrounds and careers are able to earn an income during this crisis.

Each individual handmade mask is three layered, washable and due to the elastic ear bands, they are comfortable to wear and not to forget stylish!

For every ten face masks that are sold, Chillipix donates a mask to people in the community that cannot afford one. Del Forno has proudly donated 400 masks thus far towards this initiative.

You can get your mask in Store or on the Del Forno App to support this amazing initiative.

What’s on offer at Del Forno

Our App has been performing relatively well during this time and given the circumstances and we are grateful for the support of our Customers. We are planning some fun promotions in the next few weeks, which includes the return of our very popular Date Night and Fathers’ Day meal delivery specials.


Our Store Owners have also been helping staff like waiters, baristas and barmen with shifts to assist with portioning of food, and with folding pizza boxes so they have some means of income during this time.

We continue to offer amazing specials even during these trying on a variety of menu items and have big plans for 2020 as Del Forno is turning 20!

For current specials and promotions, please visit our website or follow us on social media.

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