It is common knowledge that due to tried and test business formula, franchising offers potential business owners more security than traditional self-start businesses. In addition to selecting a sector and a business franchise that you will enjoy, looking for a good business profit model, researching high integrity propositions, understanding the legalities and pros and cons of franchising in general, you have hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to choose from.

This year the International Franchise Exhibition (IFE), which will be held at the Sandton Convention Centre from 10 to 12 April 2014, will again offer potential franchisees the perfect platform to gain an understanding of the business opportunities available in South Africa. Over 50 different franchise brands will be exhibiting at the event, with Scooters Pizza being one of them.

Sean Lilley, Marketing Manager of Scooters Pizza states that many potential franchisees may experience information overload on the day, but adds that it is always better to have too much information, rather than too little.

“Most of the people planning on attending the IFE have already considered the notion of franchising, would have done some background research on sectors and available opportunities, and would generally have an idea of what is happening in the franchising industry.  However, those who will make a spur of the moment decision to attend the expo, would generally have done little or no research, and would usually have a limited understanding of the opportunities available. They may therefor feel as if they are bombarded with tons of information, and to a certain extent, pressurised to make a decision. While having a lot of information on hand is great, it is still highly recommended that potential franchisees do their homework properly by conducting ample research on the types of businesses that would best suit their lifestyle.

“Potential franchisees should be aware that some exhibitors might just turn the pressure on by using convincing sales talk to close the deal, especially if they see that they haven’t done their homework and are hungry for a new business venture. However, it is important that potential franchisees keep their head and don’t feel pressured and don’t make any rash decisions. Legitimate franchisors will expect you to make comparisons and investigate their offering before you make any life-changing business decisions.”

Lilley adds that those who are serious about joining the franchising world should compile a list of questions beforehand and discuss it with the right people at the IFE.

“Make notes of each franchisor’s answers and study it all carefully in the comfort of your own home where there is no pressure to make an immediate decision. Compare your notes taken to your research completed to ensure you understand the relationship between the franchisor and franchisee. While a Scooters Pizza franchise offers a business recipe for success, we want potential franchisees to be certain of their decisions before they join our growing business of 125 stores nationwide.”

Since its establishment in September 2000, Scooters Pizza has shown steady growth and continued market share acquisition.

“We believe that it is crucial for our franchisees to understand that they have the complete backing and on-going operational support of Scooters Pizza, and our successful holdings company, Taste Holdings, which offers 12 years’ experience in helping entrepreneurs set up flourishing franchises,” concludes Lilley.

Opinion piece shared by PR Worx.

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