The restaurant franchise market has been challenged in recent years by a variety of popular health-related diet trends, providing opportunities for forward-thinking businesses to fill the gaps that have been created in the market as a result.

Explains Fournews Operations Director, Michael Deftereos: “The desire to find healthier options does not supersede the need to eat on the go though. Our consumers are on the move and need to have fast options that can be eaten on lunch breaks or picked up on the way home. It is at this intersection of higher quality food and the need to be quick that the concept of fast casual has found its niche.”

The fast casual restaurant has been one of the fastest growing concepts of the restaurant industry over the last decade. Though still a smaller part of the overall market than both the fast food and casual dining segments, particularly in South Africa, fast casual concepts are making their mark and gaining popularity each year through industry pioneers such as Fournews.  Unlike traditional fast food takeaway restaurants, the market for fast casual is far less saturated, and offers both quick casual dining or over the counter convenience for quality dining at home.

Fournews has shown that it can address the public need with its diverse selection of brands and over the past 20 years, it has built a solid franchise group through the success of recognisable brands such as News Cafe, Moyo, Smooch and Café Fino. This month, it announced its rebranding with a contemporary new logo along with a decision to update and reinvent existing brands in line with market changes. This updated, modern look also comes with some exciting additions to its portfolio of franchise offerings.

Says Deftereos:  “Our aim has been to offer the South African market brands that reflect current food trends, which is why we have chosen to give our trusted favourites a new twist and brought in new franchises that are either internationally recognised and proven, or that fit in with the need for healthy, high quality fast food alternatives to what is currently on offer.

“Our newly revealed Fournews logo reflects the strides that we have made – in our company as well as in the industry as a whole.”

Fournews has maintained its goals for diversification with the launch of Brooklyn Brothers, which is an on-trend American diner franchise that recently opened in Bedfordview and that is to date unlike any other offering in the South African market.

Another first is the soon to be launched Souvlaki Bar. This will be the first fast casual dining franchise to offer a healthy traditional Greek menu. Whilst, in keeping with its diversification strategy, Fournews has balanced its portfolio with the opening of the first African store for the internationally revered doughnut franchise, Krispy Kreme.

“Every addition to the group plays a part in realising the wider vision that we have going forward,” explains Deftereos. “We are confident in the decisions we have made so far, and look forward to seeing our fledgling franchises take their place alongside those already entrenched in the hearts of the South African public.”

This year, Fournews celebrates the 20th birthday of its most renowned brand, News Cafe. To highlight the success of the last two decades, the boldly updated News Cafe flagship store will open its doors in Rosebank this summer.

Opinion piece shared by PR Worx.

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