Franchise Summit South Africa 2022

There is a Reason Why the Franchise Model is 80% More Successful

SA Franchise Brands is proud to be part of the Franchise Summit South Africa 2022. This is an online event held over three days on 27 May, 02 June and 09 June 2022.

Why a summit you may ask?

Statistics prove that we retain and implement less than 2% of the information and strategy we hear at a live event or presentation (You attend an event, you feel motivated and inspired, you get back to your business and nothing changes). To be able to maximise impact and drive positive change, all sessions are recorded, and delegates can login to a membership portal with 12 months access. Sessions can later be used for training and development in your franchise business.

The Summit will bring solutions to three focus areas:

Day 1 (27 May) Financial Solutions – focussing on finance related information and solutions for your franchise business and our industry.

Day 2 (02 June) Industry Solutions – focussing on trends, challenges and opportunities within the franchise industry.

Day 3 (09 June) Growth Solutions – focussing on growing your brand, your people and your franchise business. Kevin Antonie, CEO of SA Franchise Brands will be presenting a session on day three, titled Who knows you? A focus on brand awareness.

The speakers are industry specialists who will be presenting the 10+ sessions each day and will help to stretch your thinking.

Please click on Franchise Summit South Africa 2022 to see the Event Schedule and book your ticket. The solutions to the three focus areas can help you grow your franchise business and remember, investing in your personal business development is the greatest investment you can ever make.

See you at the Franchise Summit South Africa 2022.

It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You™.





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