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SA Franchise Brands welcomes Peter Keller, Franchisee for H2OInternational in Mpumalanga to share some aspects on being a Franchisee.

What questions should prospective franchisees ask themselves before buying a franchise?

Are you a team player or are you fiercely independent? A balance between these is ideal as there are guidelines to work to, however you can stamp your own style on your Franchise? Is there a need for a product and or service that I am passionate about and a matching Franchise vehicle for this?

What made you decide to buy a franchise?

A franchise is a proven system with tested products and should already have market share. Support and training will be in place and is vital to a good start!

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How important is it to investigate a franchise and what criteria did you use?

Who is the Franchisor and what does he/she stand for? Are the Franchisor’s offices/warehouses well managed and run, will support be good and is there a healthy atmosphere? Is Franchisor financially sound and does he/she have a good track record and vision.

What made you buy a H2Ofranchise?

Tony Marchesini, the Franchisor and the love of water and the need for good safe drinking water. It is a clean business that makes a difference in peoples lives.

What early challenges did you face?

Having to do everything myself, however this stood me in good stead as I could teach others as the Franchise expanded. Cash flow is vital for growth, as are good staff and sales consultants.

What training and support does the Franchisor provide the Franchisee with?

We undergo training for a full week at the H2O International Head Office in Cape Town and have full access to all intellectual property via electronic media. Visits and support from other Franchisees from time to time are also encouraged. All Franchisees attend an annual Franchisee meeting which provides on-going education and is wonderful for relationship building.

How important is the Franchisee’s relationship with the Franchisor?

Absolutely critical, one must have an open channel to the Franchisor at all times. Make sure to nurture and grow this relationship and it will bear fruit in your business.

What advice would you give to prospective franchisees?

Find something you are passionate about, whether it is a service or product, and then match that with a suitable Franchise. Don’t just go for a system that makes money and not be passionate about associated product or service.

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