Kauai has been providing South Africa with healthy casual dining products now for 21 years. Today the group has over 150 outlets across South Africa, Namibia and Botswana with around 50% in the hands of hard working franchisees. The group is experiencing its’ best sales growth ever and is therefore searching for dedicated franchisees to join become part of the Kauai family by offering them either existing stores with a sales history (both corporate and franchise) as well as new stores.

From the outset the management team wanted to ensure anyone looking for healthy food in a hurry could pop by a Kauai and get just that, whilst at the same time also to educate those who were still going to the more fast food orientated choice, how healthy food could in fact taste great and add to their lives. When Kauai first started it was seen as a niche concept and for the first ten years the brand grew using their own capital to open outlets and only after 10 years were franchises ever offered. Today so much has changed and the need to educate people about healthy eating is less and Kauai is perfectly placed to benefit on the naturally growing need to provide healthy food to a much wider market. The company owned stores have given the management team the perfect learning curve for franchisees to benefit from 21 years of a tried and tested business model, where not only is the brand in a rapidly growing segment but also has a well-tested business model with highly experienced people and tested systems.

The brand has also seen a massive change when the Real Foods Group bought out the business in 2015 allowing the group to re-focus on the core elements of ensuring that customers receive only the best ingredients and backing the original vision of having healthy and great tasting products.

With strong partnerships with Virgin Active and Discovery the group offers a unique package. Firstly with Virgin Active where if a franchisee takes on a gym store they get: a tailor made shell by the landlord, a rental linked to turnover (no fixed base), a core customer base looking for the Kauai product at your door, and low capital costs of around R600 000. Then with the partnership with Discovery the brand offers – ongoing promotions with a consumer looking for healthy products, exposure beyond the normal marketing spend for a group this size,  guaranteed new customers as the Discovery group grows their consumer base as well as many more ongoing and future cross related promotions and initiatives that will grow the business.

So if you are looking for a franchise that has 21 years of South African trading history, Kauai could be just the business opportunity for you. As a market leader in casual dining health, Kauai’s franchise attributes include

  • a dedicated team to look after and have processes and procedures to ensure HR and people’s culture is properly maintained in the business,
  • is in one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry with a proven track record,
  • has partners that offer a unique value add,
  • has got its own company own stores to ensure that the model is constantly refined to ensure viability and has an experienced dedicated management team ready to support its franchisees to the fullest. Kauai is looking for hands on franchisees and the brand’s success is based on not only the amazing product range but the quality of people that join. Kauai has high standards and demands a lot from the franchisees in the interest of ensuring all that are within the family thrive and continue to grow.

Source: http://fasa.co.za

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