In a first for South Africa, KFC launches interactive tables that play you hit songs through your elbows.

Tech is moving at a phenomenal pace, and the ones that gain the most traction are the ones that bring the most convenience and a greater user-experience to our lives, which is why the highly competitive fast food, quick service and restaurant industry is continually on the look out to make their customer experience better.

Back in early 2014, Pizza Hut turned heads with an interactive table that allows you to design your perfect pizza right in front of you, and be entertained while it’s being prepared.

While South Africa competes well on the international stage, it always takes time for seriously cool ideas such as the interactive table to make its way to our shores. And this is why it is to refreshing to see KFC bringing interactive tech to its South African customers as early as this. No, you don’t get to order your chicken right where you sit, rather, this table brings you music.

The soundbite experience 

The in-store, table-top listening experience allows customers to sit down to a KFC meal and connect to some of the country’s top local soundtracks.

Using an interactive digital ink design, with local illustrations, you can explore a library of some of SA’s best unsigned artists.

What takes this experience to a whole new level, though, is that through innovative sound transmitters, the music literally travels through your bones and into your ears, by placing your elbows in designated areas and placing your hands over your ears.

Once you’ve been blown away, you can then share the music with your friends on your smartphone. That’s one seriously cool customer experience.

Ref: Standard Bank BizConnect

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