Estate Delivery, the first of the franchises to be launched by Estate Food Services South Africa (EFS) has sold more than 15 franchises in less than three months since its launch.


The service ensures that daily essential household items are delivered to the customer’s home on a daily basis, making use of preferential suppliers and brand names, such as Sasko, Sunbake, Parmalat and Clover. Estate Delivery says it offers a back to basics service, creating a personal relationship between the customer and the franchisee. The result of this is that the customer trusts that their products will be handled with care, says the company.

In addition to grocery deliveries, it offers a postal and courier service and also plans to launch an online shopping website that will offer the public “more than groceries”.

The holding company, EFS, will be launching four new franchise brands before the end of 2017, all in the food industry. Furthermore, it plans to launch 50 new franchise brands in 2018. EFS also operates its own media house, radio station, publication company and a factory that will be responsible for the building of the food trucks, trailers, carts and kiosks in the near future.

“The franchise development director, Pieter Boardman is currently aboard exploring more franchise opportunities that will be redeveloped for the South Africa market. The focus of EFS is the creating and developing of entrepreneurs,” concludes Boardman.

Reference: Bizcommunity

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