#NewCampaign: #EatingIsBelieving (what the customers say)


With the launch of its combos, RocoMamas took real-life testimonial tweets about the new offering and applied them to billboard sites across the country, including the Twitter handles of their customers.

“#EatingIsBelieving is a testament to how the brand backs itself to deliver a best of class product and nurture trust with its customers,” says Mike Sharman, co-founder of Retroviral. “RocoMamas is obsessed with its customers’ experiences.”

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BlockWhat was the brief/key insight?

Retroviral was briefed by RocoMamas to show its promise of mastery in food and diversity in their offerings, as the brand continues to grow and has recently surpassed 80 restaurants in South Africa, and other parts of Africa, the Middle East and Australia.


How did you come up with the idea to use real-life testimonial tweets?

As the most ‘Instagrammed’ burger in South Africa, we are fortunate to have an audience of some of the most engaged social media fans across our 500,000+ individual following.

The brand responds like no other we have ever worked with. Complaints are resolved in record time and customer feedback is treated as gospel.

Combo offers are already starting to receive a lot of social media love so we thought it fitting that we let our customers do the talking. We find that once you try RocoMamas for the first time, you’re hooked and this is where the premise – #EatingIsBelieving – originated.


What do you think makes RocoMamas stand out as a brand and the way it markets itself, i.e. refusing to use food stylists and traditional photoshop techniques to capture food shots, etc.?

Social media is the universe where ‘perfect’ alter egos thrive – as people, we all post better versions of ourselves and our lives across the various platforms.

RocoMamas products aren’t manipulated with tailored styling, filters and other photoshop techniques to curate the ‘perfect’ image to sell a promise that is incongruous with reality. Authenticity and trust is key.

Since the brand’s inception, the founder, Brian Altriche, has leveraged social sharing techniques of customer retweets and ‘regrams’ of Instagram images to give the customer the power to truly own the social conversation, unlike other brands who prefer to opt for interruption techniques


What was/is the objective?

To maximise awareness for RocoMamas’ new meat-on-the-bone combo offerings and profile the customer lead conversation within the brand’s social platforms

BlockWhat has the response been?

The combos are proving to be some of the bestsellers across the country. In terms of the followers whose tweets we have shared, outdoor, they think the concept is “pretty dope”.

BlockWhat’s next?

There’s an exciting new ATL campaign coming Q1 2019…

Source: BizCommunity – www.bizcommunity.com

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