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SA Franchise Brands welcomes Alan Ranson Franchisee for Panarottis Pizza Pasta in Cape Town to share some aspects on being a Franchisee.


What made you decide to buy a franchise?

My confidence in the concept as well as a long and successful relationship with the Spur Group.


How important is it to investigate a franchise and what criteria did you use?

It is very important to investigate a franchise especially their track record and whether the current franchisees are successful and happy with the franchisor.


What made you buy a Panarottis Pizza Pasta franchise?

I was drawn to the brand by one of its pillars, namely that of the family offering – I loved the notion of a pizza pasta restaurant catering for families. More than simply loving the notion, I knew that there was a need for the family pizza pasta restaurant in the market.


What early challenges did you face?

Fortunately, there were no dire issues. The main challenge was that in the early years, Panarottis chopped and changed a lot at management level. It was bit like the classic case of too many cooks spoiling the broth – fortunately, the cooks found their place in the kitchen in the end and the broth turned out tasty.


What training and support does the Franchisor provide you with?

I’d say it is arguably the best kind of training and support available in the industry! It is exactly what you’d expect from a branch of the Spur Corporation.


How important is the Franchisee’s relationship with the Franchisor?

A good relationship and mutual synergy is critical, not just for the franchisee, but for the brand as a whole. It’s of paramount importance that there’s a two-way flow of information so that both parties, and ultimately the brand, benefit.


What advice would you give to prospective franchisees?

Do your homework thoroughly; research your prospective brand you’re buying into well. Meet and listen to seasoned, successful existing franchisees. You are, after all, buying into a franchise because of its historical success, so learn as much as you can from the franchisor and your fellow franchisees – their success is built on years of trial and error – use it!!

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