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Residents in the Glen Marais area recently welcomed a new neighbour on the block, following the opening of a brand new Sandwich Baron. Owned and managed by husband and wife team, Warren and Adele Hattingh, the new store, located in the Aston Manor Shopping Centre in Kempton Park, has seen a flurry of community members through their doors. Since opening in the beginning of March 2014, the local community has fully embraced the opportunity to tuck into freshly prepared and succulent sandwiches that can even be delivered straight to residences or places of business.

Managing Director of Sandwich Baron, Sally J’Arlette-Joy, is optimistic about this store opening, which is a prime addition to the ever-expanding group of franchises.

“I am excited to introduce another one of our stores to the Glen Marais community as I know it will add great value to residents who are hungry for the option of tasty alternatives to fast food in the form of convenient, healthy and delectable meals and platters.

“The Hattinghs have shown great progress since opening and I feel content with placing the reputation of the business in their hands.”

On joining the group, which was started from humble beginnings in J’Arlette–Joy’s home in 1996, Hattingh shared that he did proper research before signing up.

“I think the biggest misconception in franchising is that you are ensured of success when joining a franchised group, whichever brand it may be. This is further justified by a lack of knowledge on the system and how it needs to be operated, which is why I knew that making the right decision when choosing a brand to buy into would depend on the depth of my understanding of it.”

“We researched and compiled certain criteria for the business and with these, contacted numerous brands before approaching Sandwich Baron, who met the most important criteria as well as what I personally wanted out of a business. There are literally hundreds of food franchises out there, but none compared to the potential we saw in Sandwich Baron,” says Hattingh.

According to the Hattinghs, the following elements are important to consider when researching a franchise:

  • When the company was established
  • Amount of current franchisees in the group
  • If the franchise belongs to a registered body or not
  • The amount of support provided
  • The level of sales needed to break even
  • The expected franchisee investment needed to buy into the business
  • The location of their stores/sites

He concludes that the process of buying a franchise needs to be a time consuming one and reiterates that it is imperative that a franchisee does all the needed research beforehand to ensure all aspects of the process involved are understood and pursued carefully.

Opinion piece shared by PR Worx.

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