Should Franchisees Commit to a Local Marketing and Advertising Strategy?

A franchisor’s marketing fund is to fund national branding to get customers to Know, Like and Trust their brand, products, and services. The marketing fund is funded by its franchisees and is usually a monthly payment to the franchisor commonly calculated as a percentage of turnover, a flat fee, or a combination of the two. This is beneficial to both the franchisor and its network of franchisees to win new customers and retain their existing customer base.

But is this enough for franchisees to be successful?

Over and above the monthly marketing fund contribution to the franchisor, franchisees should also be committed to investing in marketing and advertising campaigns in their local area. After all the franchisee has invested in the franchise business and should do everything to build their asset to be as successful as possible. Without a local marketing and advertising strategy, the franchisee’s business will be the best kept secret and will not reach its maximum potential and possibly fail.

It is imperative for franchisees not to rely solely on the national branding done by the franchisor but to commit to their own marketing and advertising campaigns to establish themselves as the go-to business in their industry in their area.

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