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Since launching in 2014, Domino’s Pizza has grown close to 90 stores and has arguably become a leader in the food delivery space. Much of its success can be attributed to their innovative menu and delivery service but the best-kept secret is that Domino’s pizzas are made with fresh dough.

According to Romy Townsend, Marketing Manager for Domino’s Pizza, consumers want transparency. “South Africans are more concerned about what they eat. They want to know the origins of their food and they want to see it come to life. At Domino’s Pizza, we offer both; we only use the freshest ingredients and our in-store pizza theatre makes the customer part of the pizza making experience.”

Together with South African licensee, Taste Holdings, Domino’s Pizza produced a state-of-the-art commissary in Johannesburg as well as a smaller scale operation in Cape Town. The commissaries are HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) accredited and produce fresh dough daily through a fail-safe process.

“Domino’s Pizza is built on the ‘Dough-to- door’ principle that ensures quality pizza from the start of the dough-making process to the minute the pizza arrives at your doorstep. We have invested in a state-of-the-art infrastructure and the training of our valued employees to ensure that we deliver on this principle and provide word-class service.”

It’s just dough, how hard can it be?
“Much harder than it looks. Preparing pizza dough is alchemy,” says Townsend. The dough making procedure starts with quality ingredients from audited food-safe suppliers and the sanitation of all equipment. Step 2 is the most important part – here dough is produced by measuring the dry ingredients and then combined with oil and water to form dough.

Thereafter, the dough is portioned, rolled into balls, cross-stacked in time and date-stamped trays, and then cooled to 4° within 4 hours, ready to be shipped to stores. The Midrand commissary extends delivery to Kwazulu-Natal while the Cape Town operation looks after the Western and Eastern Cape.

However, fresh dough does not alone make a pizza. Domino’s Pizza boasts with an exciting menu for everyone. All the toppings are made with fresh and premium products. Customers can choose from delicious toppings from pepperoni to sliced jalapeno as well as delicious side meals.

“Our approach to our pizza definitely caters to forward-thinking customers who appreciate a fresh and wholesome meal that has been treated with respect,” Townsend concludes.

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