Get that feeling in the UK. Sorbet spreads its wings beyond SA to woo the UK market.

It’s a global village with many international brands coming to South African shores in their bid to enter Africa’s booming economy. Similarly, successful South African born brands are spreading their wings to compete on the international state. The most recent to launch internationally is acclaimed beauty franchise, Sorbet.

The brand opened its first international Sorbet Salon in Muswell Hill, London in July 2015. Brand founder and CEO, Ian Fuhr, says, “Our entry into the UK market has been a long time coming. We understand from our suppliers currently active in the UK, that the beauty market is highly fragmented and the opportunity exists to build a salon brand that offers customers convenience, service excellence and a consistent brand promise.”

Add to that, that the UK market is vibrant, cutting edge, and full of South African ex-pats who are loyal and great brand ambassadors, you’ve got a recipe for success.

First impressions last forever

While Sorbet operates on a franchise model in South Africa, the brand has made the decision to keep its first store company-owned, so too with a further two stores set to open in the next year. When breaking into a new market, it’s paramount to set the tone and its likely Sorbet will want full control of how the brand is presented and delivered to a new market.

“Dermalogica and Environ will be the flagship products used and sold in the salon,” says Fuhr. “Our Sorbet Salon range will be available for use and purchase as soon as the range is tested and approved by the UK regulatory board,” he adds.

SA brand, SA staff

The salon will initially be supported by staff from South Africa – and like with all new Sorbet Salons that open in South Africa, Fuhr will personally do the induction training for the UK Salon’s staff.

The brand and beyond

Established in 2005, Sorbet has served the South African market as a leading beauty salon franchise that delivers on quality service and heart. The chain now boasts 126 mainly franchised outlets across South Africa. In recent years, the brand has taken on the role of pioneering community upliftment initiatives through education – a salon-first in South Africa.

Coupled with this, was Sorbet’s first-to-market launch of its beauty loyalty programme in 2006 that today sees 200 000 members enjoying rewards and benefits from their regular Sorbet visits.

“Our loyalty programme remains popular amongst our guests because of its consistency and fulfilment benefits, and our Sorbet UK rewards programme will be no different,” says Jade Kirkel, Marketing Manager of Sorbet Group South Africa.

Together with its endearing menu of manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, body waxes, massages and facials, Sorbet will also implement a keen focus on its retail offering.

Spearheading its way beyond African borders, the bubbly beauty brand remains optimistic about the new venture that lies ahead.

“We aim to do for the UK as we have done for South Africa; to continue delivering a feeling of self-confidence and delight amongst our guests. We are also investigating potential local partnerships and investors for the next international step, which is likely to be in Dubai.” ends Kirkel.

Source: Standard Bank – BizConnect

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