Student life. A time filled with little sleep, lots of fun and sadly, very, very little funds. While some students are lucky enough to have their own wheels, making life a little more accessible, those who don’t own their own mode of transport have certainly come to appreciate the friends who do.

Fortunately for the recently graduated Mechanical Engineering student, Daniel Molokomme, the days of catching a lift are over – as he is the proud new owner of a Chevrolet Spark Campus thanks to The Fish & Chip Co.

Molokomme, a 22 year old Mokopane resident, thought nothing would come from his entry into The Fish & Chip Co.’s ‘Win a Car’ competition.

“After buying a small fish and chips combo from my local store, I entered the competition, just to try my luck,” shares Molokomme. “I would never have thought that this meal would actually end up being my ticket to mobility. It still feels like I need to be woken from a dream.”

im1It is no secret that when it comes to business it’s all about adding value to the lives of customers. Aside from offering sterling service and products that exceed their expectations, the real way to make a customer happy is by meeting and exceeding their needs. This is what has sparked The Fish & Chip Co. to run their second ‘Win a Car’ competition, in conjunction with Coca-Cola, for their loyal customers.

“Just like Daniel, the winner of our first competition also did not own his own mode of transport. Seeing the impact that the gift of mobility has on these community members just demonstrates that giving away a car is a phenomenal experience and is a dream competition for anyone to enter. We are so pleased to have been able to create this opportunity for both winners,” shares Managing Executive of The Fish & Chip Co., Jan de Beer.

im2“We know that many South Africans, not only the students, appreciate a little relief on their finances. The majority of our customers, who are in the LSM categories of 4-7, either have to make use of public transport to commute or have never owned a car of their own before. A car is ideal to meet their need for private transport as well as their desire to own something new and dependable of their own.”

Molokomme received the keys to his brand new Chevrolet Spark Campus at the Mokopane store (where he entered the competition) at a handover event, where the community was also present to share in his joy.

“I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to The Fish & Chip Co. I have always loved their food and have supported them for many years. Now, I am sure we will be lifetime partners,” Molokomme concludes.

Opinion piece shared by PR Worx.

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