As of 29 April, The Fish & Chip Co. will be adding even more ‘Hot and A lot’ value to the plates and pockets of their customers. The brand, a subsidiary of Taste Holdings, which was voted the top fish brand in the fast food category by the Sunday Times during their 2012 and 2013 Top Brands surveys, has now overhauled its menu with scrumptious new meals as well as a whole new menu category – to keep customers happily fed around breakfast, lunch and dinner time.

Following extensive research and strategic sessions hosted with the franchise council as well as its franchisees, The Fish & Chip Co.’s menu changes will elevate the brand’s positioning even more, by not only offering greater value, but greater variety as well.

“As a means of not only reaching more of our target market, but also meeting more of their needs, it brings us great pleasure to introduce the new menu, which not only boasts more value meals but also Kotas and, most excitingly, breakfast options,” shares Jan de Beer, Managing Executive of The Fish & Chip Co.

Customers will now be able to order breakfast items until 11am daily and will include a variety of dishes all for under R20. From an egg roll (R6.90) or a breakfast Kota with either polony or a vienna (R19.90), the breakfast menu brings even more ‘Hot and A lot’ to the menu. After a number of requests were received from customers, chicken drumsticks will also be making their mark on the new menu.

The Fish & Chip Co. Logo“Even though The Fish & Chip Co. has seen remarkable growth to date, it is time for us to take our brand presence to even greater heights. We started by taking an in-depth look at our competitors in the fast food industry, what they were offering, their pricing and how we compared to them. Based on this, we were able to consider what we could do to benefit the brand and our customers.”

The new menu, which will also have an updated look, is a testament to The Fish & Chip Co.’s commitment to its customers and reflects the brand’s refreshed passion towards meeting their needs.

So what are you waiting for? The Fish & Chip Co.’s new menu offering is just waiting to tantalise your taste buds.

Opinion piece shared by PR Worx.

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