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Name: Albert Botes

Stores Owned: 8

Franchising with “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips since: May 2009

To invest in an “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips franchise is one of the most affordable options available to potential franchisees as the setup costs are still reasonably affordable. We offer a quality product which is very filling at a value for money price to our customers.

If your shop is positioned correctly and if your controls are in place, returns of up to 100% per annum are possible. To run an “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips store is made easy as the Distribution Centre delivers your entire product including packaging, spices, sauces and cleaning material to your shop. The quality of our products and the look and feel of an “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips store are superior to our competitors. If you are prepared to work hard there is money to be made with this brand.

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Name: Steven Okoro

Stores Owned: 6

Franchising with “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips since: December 2009

The Traditional Brands group is well known and therefore trusted. The “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips brand is successful and has been operating for a while so there is a wealth of experience that the entrepreneur can draw from.

The brands run on a tried and tested system and successful operational procedures are in place. Traditional Brands approaches each challenge with a positive attitude and there is a huge amount of transparency between the franchisee and franchisor.

Traditional Brands conducts business with honesty and integrity at all times, always goes the extra mile and is peaceful, reliable and profitable. It is a great opportunity to invest in the Traditional Brands group and I would recommend it to any potential investor looking to succeed.

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Name: Kenny Setzin

Stores Owned: 5

Franchising with “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips since: May 2009

“Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips’ low set-up costs, which allows a franchisee to take unskilled personnel and train them to the highest levels of hygiene standards, operational excellence, food preparation and quality customer service is testimony to the brand’s popularity and value for money proposition, particularly in the current uncertain economic environment where consumers are cutting back on their spending.

In these challenging times, affordability and value for money are upper most in the minds of consumers. The franchisor has over 350 stores nationally. The franchisor has created a brand that offers quality products, high serving sizes (portions) and reduced prices across all menu items. An “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chipsstore offers customers an affordable meal in a secure and comfortable environment.

“Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips’ undisputed value for money proposition together with its focussed (limited) product offering, friendly customer service, functional infrastructure and no-frills ambience has allowed the brand to carve out a niche in a fiercely competitive fast food industry.

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Name: Greg Nagy

Stores Owned: 1

Franchising with “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips since: July 2010

Upon entering into an “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips franchise agreement with Traditional Brands, head office searches for a good location to place your store. Their expertise in finding a suitable location will ensure the franchisee reaps all the benefits. The low setup costs make the franchise very attractive to invest into.

The Distribution Centre does all the sourcing of products needed to sell in store, so one call solves all product issues. Regular store visits and inspections by Head Office representatives ensure that every franchisee is abiding by Head Office standards.

The brand has an excellent marketing team – they have a very active team which constantly comes up with new ideas to promote the brand and attract customers. They also organise all the artwork for posters, flyers etc. The Directors are warm hearted and interested in you, they are people who only have a passion for Traditional Brands, “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips and Chingos. They will assist you in making your franchise a successful one. Where else does a Director of a company find time for a franchisee? Head Office ensures that everyone takes responsibility and is held accountable for their actions. They tend to follow an unwritten policy of “the franchisee comes first” and they do stick to this policy.

The new National Franchisee Council that has been formed will assist other franchisees in voicing complaints, compliments and also providing support to fellow franchisees. This way all concerns can be voiced by one centralised person and not many.

The business model is very successful – currently my store is achieving a 50% gross profit for the year and this franchise does have potential for even more growth. If you don’t believe me check out their website!

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