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  • TopChoice Tombstones

    TopChoice Tombstones

    We have done some of the most amazing tombstones in South Africa and we pride ourselves in giving great quality and sustainable products that will last.
  • Supakids SA

    Supakids SA

    Kids Party Planners & Event Stylists

    Supakids is fast becoming a household name in South Africa! We are privileged to have been recognised for our fabulous work and events that we do! Having said this, we have been featured on TV a few times, as well as many Print Publications in South Africa! We have also been contracted by large Blue Chip Corporate Companies to execute all their events!
  • Estate Delivery

    Estate Delivery

    We do deliver

    Our highly successful operation is solving those last minute shopping blues for an increasing number of people who only have time to stock up on frozen goods like meat at least once a month. However daily essentials such as fresh bread and milk, eggs, yoghurt, cold drinks etc. are items that have to be bought with irritating frequency.
  • Performance Booster

    Performance Booster

    Companies are always looking for a new way to inspire and motivate their staff, increase productivity and staff satisfaction. The Performance Booster Program is based on the principles that people need to be given the tools to inspire and motivate themselves, to affect and change their own behaviour and to make emotionally intelligent decisions about their own lives. If our employees can take responsibility for their own happiness and well being, companies will thrive.