DSL Telecom


DSL Telecom

Full Description

Investment (excl.VAT)

R 125 000

Business Opportunity Summary

The Internet has become as important as water and electricity. We show you how to tap into this lucrative market.


DSL Telecom is taking the next step in its evolution and is offering prospective entrepreneurs an exciting opportunity to become part of the Multibillion Rand Telecommunications Industry which is still in its infancy in South Africa.

Over the next 36 months, DSL Telecom will establish a National Network of 30 branches with the primary objective to focus on the massive demand for IP PBX phone systems and related internet and telephony services in small and medium sized businesses.

Our partners will enjoy the benefit of a proven system to rapidly gain a foothold in the market through innovative business processes and it is expected that the DSL Telecom network will become the market leader in respect to IP Telephony within the next 18 months in Southern Africa.

Investor Benefits:

• Automated CRM systems
• Lead Generation Engine
• Little organised competition
• Huge once-off profits
• On-going annuity revenue on all products
• Advance support and training

Make money while your customers make phone calls, send or receive faxes and surf the internet. Contact DSL Telecom today and find out how the richest in SA make their money.