Frosty Melts

Frosty Melts

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Investment (excl.VAT)

From R 17 500

Business Opportunity Summary

Frosty Melts offer a variety of business opportunities ranging from our entry-level retail point-of-sale systems at R 17 500 to our mobile vending units at R 78 900.

With the retail product, investors locate suitable outlets for the placement of their dispensing equipment and manage their relationship with outlet management. Investors also ensure that their dispensing equipment is properly maintained and presentable. Orders are placed by the outlets and fulfilment is done by the company with investors being paid a monthly turnover rental based on the sales performance of their units.

Our gazebos and mobile vending units represent a more traditional franchising model in which franchisees purchase product for resale with a small royalty and marketing levy payable on product purchased.