Renew My Car

Mobile cosmetic collision repair

Renew My Car

Full Description

Investment (excl.VAT)

R 295 000 plus vehicle

Business Opportunity Summary

We are proud and excited to offer you an opportunity to operate your own business within a massive growing market. Last year alone, over 80 million new cars were produced worldwide. Car sales across the developing world are sky-rocketing, with record sales in South Africa, China, India and Brazil. Our Australian market recorded an all-time high in December 2012, whilst South Africans bought a staggering 37,000 new cars alone in June 2013, adding to the already very significant 10 Million plus National fleet. In addition to this, the used car market is very strong. In excess of 230,000 used cars are advertised online in Australia!

We have drawn from 15 years experience in small business in Australia and New Zealand to bring this opportunity home, so that lives can be changed here too. Indeed, as you get to know us, I hope that you will sense that our only interest is to see you succeed in your new business – making enough money with time available for your family, church and friends – bringing balance to your life.

We have put together a range of mobile cosmetic repairs on cars, backed by the best available training package to ensure you will be very busy, enjoying solid profits from the outset. Our training, repairs and marketing strategy has been proven to be very successful in Australia, and with a few adjustments to suit the South African market, we look forward to the same great results here.