ShareBUZZ Digital Marketing

Digital solutions to help you SHARE the BUZZ about your business!

ShareBUZZ Digital Marketing

Full Description

Landline Number

+27 81 587 2917

Contact Name

Gary Knoetze

Mobile Number

+27 81 587 2917

Investment (excl.VAT)

R 4 999 per month.

Business Opportunity Summary

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a foothold in the awesome world of digital marketing? As an authorised ShareBUZZ licensee you can! As a ShareBUZZ licensee, you'll be able to offer all of the products we offer, and keep 70% of the profits!

No real technical knowledge is required on your end, as we do all the "heavy lifting".

The ability to sell and network is more important to ensure your success.
(A basic technical understanding does help sell the product though.)
Ongoing product training and support are provided to licensees.

What businesses can these products be sold to? ALL OF THEM!

How much can you make?

As a licensee you can earn 70% of all revenue you generate. Most of our fees are subscription based, so you can build a relatively passive income.


The average mobile coupon subscription is R 1 000 per month. R 700 of that would go to you per month. You just have to introduce the product and close the deal, we do the rest!

How much does it cost to become a licensee?

We offer our entire portfolio of services under license for only R 4 999 per month.

For this fee you'll be guaranteed:
Cutting edge digital solutions
24/7 support
Exclusive sales rights to your area