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  • Laundry Dynamics

    Laundry Dynamics

    THE Laundry Franchise

    Laundry Dynamics franchised stores are unlike any other laundromat. We are the first and only laundry franchise in South Africa to receive Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) accreditation.
  • FICS


    FICS is a newly established group of companies for the insurance market, mainly focusing on motor vehicle accidents making use of digital enterprise and iOT to optimize turnaround time of insurance claims and delivering quantifiable data for the processing of claims.
  • LiftLink


    The School Lift Solution

    Liftlink is the safest, smartest, cost effective way to transport your school going kids.
  • My Home Watch Southern Africa

    My Home Watch Southern Africa

    Peace of mind while you're away!

    My Home Watch Is South Africa’s Leading Property & Pet Care Service! Our home care services make property and pet owners lives, easy and stress free!
  • Royal Tombstones

    Royal Tombstones

    The Royal Treatment Your Loved Ones Deserve

    Royal Tombstones has been offering high quality tombstones, at the most affordable prices in South Africa, to grieving family members for over eight years. Being privately owned, Royal Tombstones is very much a value driven company and strives to treat their customers with compassion and understanding.
  • King Delivery

    King Delivery

    King Delivery is a new and innovative restaurant delivery service that has found a way to reduce operating costs, cut delivery times in half and make the ordering process more efficient, by implementing digital and web based technology. Our cutting-edge software and communications systems, as well as an effective staff and management training program and our state of the art national call centre gives us a crucial edge over our competitors.
  • Martin’s Funerals

    Martin’s Funerals

    Martin’s Funerals - Leaders In Funeral Industry

    We, at every Martin's Funerals branch are everyday people like you, we also have families and sadly we also lose loved ones to death. That is why everyone at Martin's Funerals understands your feelings of helplessness, vulnerability and desperation... and funeral arrangements cannot be delayed! For all those reasons we at Martin's Funerals, will act on your behalf with the care and experience you so much need.
  • Levingers



    Levingers has been in operation in Gauteng for over seven decades. The Original Levingers business was a Shoe Clinic, where Peter Levinger, an experienced and specialised cobbler, operated in Johannesburg. He was renowned for his craftsmanship and had a loyal customer base from Cape Town to Zimbabwe. The business was simplistic and survived on a reputation built over many decades. In the 1990’s Levingers merged with “The Shoe Hospital”, a business operating mainly in the East Rand and Southern suburbs of Gauteng. The merger created a steady growth of modern, clean and technologically advanced stores under the ‘Levingers’ brand. In 2012, Levingers was acquired by Hay Business Consultants.
  • Assisted Home Nursing

    Assisted Home Nursing

    Let our Family Care for Yours

    Assisted Home Nursing offers a 24/7 professional, personal and compassionate home-based caring for the elderly or disabled in the comfort of their own home. Our range of service enables the elderly to retain an optimum degree of independence and dignity, thus reducing unnecessary stress for the individual and their family. Most importantly, our caregivers provide a level of companionship that prevents our customers from feeling isolated and lonely.
  • Pressed in Time

    Pressed in Time

    Making Your Life Easier

    Since we started in 2003, Pressed in Time has now become South Africa’s leading laundry and dry cleaning company. Customer satisfaction is the keystone of our business, our service will exceed your expectations for both quality and service.
  • Dandy Dogs

    Dandy Dogs

    Since 1997

    All of our Parlours are equipped with baths, hot water gas geysers, electric clippers, dryers, grooming tables etc. None of our dogs are ever bathed outside of the vehicles. All work is done inside the Mobile Grooming Parlour.
  • GermCure



    GermCure started as a small family business in 2012, providing Disinfection services mostly in the education sector, but has since grown to a household name as Disinfection Specialists in South Africa and is fast growing to become a household brand globally.
  • Franic Trailer Rentals and Sales

    Franic Trailer Rentals and Sales

    Manufacturer and distributor of quality affordable trailers made specifically for the trailer rental industry.
  • Bathcoat SA

    Bathcoat SA

    Welcome to Bathcoat SA | Don’t Compromise

    We re-furbish absolutely any sanitary ware. Baths, basins, toilets, tiles and anything else related. Our results, without fail, supersede expectations. We are fully committed and always deliver. All our work is guaranteed.
  • Ceramic Pro

    Ceramic Pro

    The Global Leader In Nano Ceramic Coating Technology

    Ceramic Pro and its manufacturer, Nanoshine Ltd, are changing the dynamics of the coating industry. in 2010, Nanoshine Ltd introduced Ceramic Pro - a series of products for the automotive, air, marine and industrial markets suited for paint, glass, alloy, fabric, leather, plastic and rubber surfaces. What sets Ceramic Pro apart from the competition is our world patented, cutting-edge technology based on Ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics). Having dedicated years to perfecting our industrial multi-functional protective coatings the company continues to strive to improve our products and we work towards our goal of being the number one choice in nano-protection industry in South Africa.
  • Barksole


    Repairs With Service

    Your one-stop key cutting, shoe repair, luggage repair, dry cleaning and engraving service centre.
  • The Specialists

    The Specialists

    Trusted & Recommended since 1978

    The Specialists are industry leaders in pest control and cleaning by providing environmentally safe, reliable and superior services in order to protect our customer’s health, food and property.


    touch-less disinfection services

    Who Uses SANONDAF? SANONDAF disinfects enclosed and open spaces using SANFOG & SANOSTATIC spraying devices. It can be used in domestic, most industry sectors and markets. Why Touchless? SANONDAF'S touch-less disinfection solutions combine the effect of both our spraying devices and disinfectant solutions. The dual effect of both devices and disinfectants, enables the air and surface in a room to be disinfected automatically.
  • BeztForex



    BeztForex empowers Importers, Exporters and Investors with incredible Foreign Exchange solutions.
  • Doves


    Insuring a Dignified Service

    Doves Group is one of the largest funeral directing companies in Southern Africa and a major role player in the progressive development of the funeral industry.
  • Color Glo

    Color Glo

    Specialists in Colour Restoration & Repair

    Color Glo International is the World Leader in restoration and repair of leather, vinyl, velour, cloth and hard plastics commonly found in the markets of Automotive, Aircraft, Marine and Furniture. Formally incorporated in 1975 Color Glo began franchising in 1982. Today in hundreds of markets throughout the world. Color Glo products are proven everyday to offer the correct results and best value every time they are put to the test.
  • Mr Kruger

    Mr Kruger

    Everything Gold

    Mr Kruger is Pretoria’s trusted dealer in Krugerrands, bullion, gold and numismatics and collectables and also offers expert jewellery design and manufacture.
  • Delivery Xtreme

    Delivery Xtreme


    Delivery Xtreme has arrived to offer clients their favourite restaurant meals served at home. DX offers clients the quick, convenient and professional delivery of meals to both homes and offices.
  • Pirtek Africa (Pty) Ltd

    Pirtek Africa (Pty) Ltd

    Quality Products

    Pirtek Africa (Pty) Ltd has been in operation since 1999. We have over 20 locations nationally. Pirtek Africa (Pty) Ltd has continuously been growing our products and services to exceed the increasing need in our market. With over 60 Mobile Service Units on the road we offer a national network that can provide the highest quality global standard of products and service.
  • Crime Scene Clean-up

    Crime Scene Clean-up

    I couldn't have imagined doing it myself

    Cleaning and restoration of crime and trauma scenes after a violent incident or accident.
  • Crisp & Clean

    Crisp & Clean

    Door to Door Cleaning

    Crisp and Clean is the most relevant and successful Door-to-door Dry Cleaners & Laundry Group in the country.