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  • Ocean Basket

    Ocean Basket

    Most Loved Seafood Restaurant

    Ocean Basket is South Africa’s favourite seafood restaurant, committed to giving you delicious seafood and that ‘home-away-from-home’ feeling to remind you of what it’s like to sit at the family table and share a meal with your nearest and dearest.
  • Cappello



    Elite stores enveloped in the conundrum that is the inner city, where unrefined living meets status & affluence. Cappello is dripping with ‘diamonds’ and lascivious intent! The divine delicacy and chemistry of both its feminine flair and macho ambition creates a tantalizing social arena. With energy and simple world-class touch Cappello aims to bring enchantment to our daily tricks. We promise to create an ideal flexible flavor and mood to complement your occasion, be it business or pleasure with FOOD, PASSION and PEOPLE at the centre of your experience. Whether you pop in for a quick cocktail or gather to share a delectable treat with friends, the Cappello encounter will satisfy…
  • Vovo Telo Bakery & Cafe

    Vovo Telo Bakery & Cafe

    From it’s humble beginnings in a renovated Richmond Hill home, Vovo Telo, an original artisan bakery, has grown into a category leader. In the early days customers would bring their own fillings and picnic on the stoep of the bakery. Over the years a range of sandwiches, pastries, light breakfasts and lunches were added to the offering. Vovo Telo has always prided itself on products hand-made according to traditional techniques and standards, recognising the talent of its bakers, kitchen staff and waiters and the importance of inspiration and pride in what makes Vovo Telo great. By embracing the talents and individual personalities of its staff Vovo Telo has successfully created a visible passion customers can sense when they visit any of its restaurants.
  • Tindlovu Restaurant Group

    Tindlovu Restaurant Group

    - est. 2012 -

    Our restaurants offer guests a dining experience like never before. Our African-fusion inspired food will fill your stomach but the overall dining experience will leave you with a full heart.
  • Turn ’n Tender

    Turn ’n Tender

    Take four brothers with a love for great steak, add a side order of warmth 'n a peppering of friendship, 'n you have the secret recipe to why Turn 'n Tender is the best steakhouse in town. Nearly four decades on, Turn 'n Tender is still the place where friends 'n families gather to soak up the friendly atmosphere 'n savour the succulent dishes that made us famous. The tradition continues across our stores 'n you're invited to unwind, enjoy a sizzling steak 'n fine wine, warm hospitality 'n great value. You're welcome anytime.
  • Jimmy’s Killer Grills

    Jimmy’s Killer Grills

    Flame On!

    In November 2012 the first Killer Grill franchise opened its doors at the Woodmead Retail Shopping Mall in Woodmead , Gauteng. The (Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value) motto, which remains a creed for everyone in the Jimmy’s Family to this day.
  • Cape Town Fish Market

    Cape Town Fish Market

    It doesn't get any fresher

  • Kapstadt Brauhaus

    Kapstadt Brauhaus


    The Kapstadt Brauhaus offers a menu of traditional German cuisine, including eisbein, schnitzels, pretzels, German sausages and alpine pizza. Patrons can also pull in for a pint of one of the many local and international beers on offer.
  • Col'Cacchio


    The Reason We Crave Pizza!

    Established in 1992, Col'Cacchio pizzeria is a name that has become synonymous with traditionally inspired Italian food, including crisp thin based
  • Primi World

    Primi World

    We Love People. We Love Food.

    PRIMI food is fresh and fast, comforting and healthy with all menu items freshly cooked from scratch using only the finest sourced ingredients. The cuisine is inspired by Italian tradition but influenced by the Cosmopolitan present catering for a variety of occasions and taste preferences.
  • Butcher Block Steakhouse

    Butcher Block Steakhouse

    A Cut Above The Rest

    Butcher Block offers an intimate and relaxing dining experience.
  • Cattle Baron

    Cattle Baron

    The finest cut meat grilled to perfection.

    The Cattle Baron Grill House is a unique concept combining outstanding food with professional friendly service - all offered in the cosy atmosphere of an upmarket grill house ambience.
  • Del Forno

    Del Forno

    A Passion For Good Food

    Del Forno offers traditional Italian flare, ranging from pizzas, pastas and salads, to grills, sandwiches and coffees.
  • Nino's


    Let's get together...

    In every scrumptious morsel of a nino’s meal is the ideal that life, like good food, is meant to be shared. This staple Italian belief is the legacy of restaurant founder, Nino Bompani. An Italian immigrant, Bompani moved to South African shores in the 70s.
  • Wiesenhof


    Passionate About Coffee

    Why Choose Wiesenhof? Passionate About Coffee In a world of look-alike coffee shop franchises Wiesenhof stands out as a uniquely South African offering. From the rich earthy colours in the design of the stores to the distinctly spicy flavours of our food, Wiesenhof is very proudly South African.
  • Adega Restaurants

    Adega Restaurants

    Traditional Portuguese Cuisine

    Adega Restaurants are upmarket Portuguese restaurants that cater for a variety of tastes and styles.
  • Cappuccinos – Pizzeria, Grill, Café

    Cappuccinos – Pizzeria, Grill, Café


    Born in Italy and raised in South Africa. Since our inception in 1990, Cappuccinos has been a business with a passion for success and this fact is evident in that today there are 24 successful Cappuccinos stores operating across the country and one in Botswana. Drawing on the concept “you are always welcome”, the Cappuccinos experience provides the opportunity for people from all walks of life to experience quality hearty food, served professionally with a smile.
  • Famous Bean Café

    Famous Bean Café

    Serving The Greatest Coffee Beans In Africa

    Freshly roasted coffee has that alluring power that captivates you and makes you feel complete. There is no doubt that the most famous of all the beans in the world, is the coffee bean. With that said, welcome to The Famous Bean Café.
  • Spur Steak Ranches

    Spur Steak Ranches

    A Taste For Life

    Since 1967, when founder and executive chairman, Allen Ambor, opened the Golden Spur in Newlands, Cape Town, Spur Steak Ranches have been part of the South African family. In the years since then, Spur has helped create countless special memories and earned a reputation for tasty, nutritious, value-for-money meals. We've also grown into an internationally recognised brand with over 237 local and 28 international restaurants – pop in and enjoy the great taste of Spur next time you're in the United Kingdom, Australia or Mauritius. So, what's our recipe for success? Simple: a warm, relaxed, family-friendly environment; generous portions of great tasting food; and a hearty helping of quality!
  • Piatto Restaurant and Grill

    Piatto Restaurant and Grill

    the way life’s meant to be lived

    Piatto is an experience of service and quality with a focus on providing exceptional value for money in a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Lepis Dore

    Lepis Dore

    Treasures of the Oven

    In the heart of Pretoria lies a small corner of Provence, surrounded by lavender, olive trees, grapevines and a private garden; a tranquil setting to enjoy with good friends and family and of course fine food and wine. Great care is taken to source the finest seasonal local and imported products to create divine temptations. An authentic Bistro, our menu changes with the seasons and the Chefs whims! Constant is the orchestra of fresh fragrances, good honest down to earth dishes and easy drinking wines.

    Cofi. Whether you’re looking for a place to drink, eat or let yourself go, is the place to be. A totally new exciting experience combining trendy music, tasteful dishes and friendly service.
  • News Cafe

    News Cafe

    It's About The Vibe

    News Cafe offers and facilitates a premium entertainment experience for its aspirational customer base by efficiently serving world class food offerings and premier beverage choices in an atmosphere that is contemporary, vibrant and relevant. Over the past two decades, News Cafe has grown from a single store in Hatfield, established in 1995, to a multi-national house-hold name.
  • Wimpy


    Enjoy Every Moment

    Wimpy was first established in South Africa in 1967 – the first restaurant opening in Durban. Today we are recognised as leaders in the Casual Dining sector of the quick service restaurant industry having won numerous FASA and other media awards throughout the years. Today we boast over 500 franchised restaurants, throughout Southern Africa, and a further 30 stores in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Mauritius with plans for continued future ventures into other African countries. Beyond Southern Africa, Wimpy has representation in the UK, having launched in London in 1954. We currently have 113 sites operating across the United Kingdom, in service areas, sports centers, Football Stadia and other Leisure venues.
  • Doppio Zero

    Doppio Zero

    Keeping Good Company

    Doppio Zero... passionate about fresh bread, coffee and delicious food.
  • Prawn & Grill Co

    Prawn & Grill Co

    By Jimmy's Established 1991

    The franchise was designed to bring a fresh, new and exciting feel into the restaurant industry and to cater for the changes coming into the marketplace.
  • Jimmy’s Killer Prawns

    Jimmy’s Killer Prawns

    The Addictive Taste

    Quality as a philosophy has taken Jimmy’s Killer Prawns from humble beginnings in the CBD of Germiston to a group of 61 food outlets in Southern Africa and also with stores in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Cyprus.
  • Maxi's


    More than just a meal.

    Maxi's is a unique, highly recognisable, fast growing and decidedly competitive brand, which consumers find attractive because they offer something for everyone.
  • The Brazen Head

    The Brazen Head

    Authentic Irish Restaurant & Pub

    Discover the true spirit of Ireland at a Brazen Head Authentic Irish Restaurant and Pub near you! Our food is our passion and all our hearty Irish dishes are freshly prepared from the finest ingredients. Coupled with a superb wine list, delightful pub fare menu and lashings of Irish Craic, The Brazen Head delivers a truly authentic Irish experience!
  • Mike's Kitchen

    Mike’s Kitchen's family time

    Mike’s Kitchen continuously strives to exceed it’s customers expectations by providing a holistic & professional service, with particular emphasis to high quality & generous portions in an atmosphere of fun, through it’s friendly, professional, enthusiastic and highly trained staff.
  • Burger Bistro

    Burger Bistro

    Realising that there are no truly decent hamburgers to be found in Pretoria, or for that matter, elsewhere in South Africa; and prompted by childhood memories of a classic burger joint, the principals decided to open their own hamburger restaurant. Soon after in 2012, Burger Bistro was established, premises were secured and the bistro was launched with great success.
  • Panarottis Pizza Pasta

    Panarottis Pizza Pasta

    Big on Family Big on Pizza

    Panarottis Pizza Pasta was launched in December 1990 when Spur Corporation saw a gap in the market for a quality pizza pasta restaurant with a friendly environment and Italian-styled food made from the finest ingredients. Many years of experience enabled Panarottis to create a dynamic new franchising trend that has developed into a highly recognised brand. Since the first store opened in Tygervalley, Cape Town it has grown into a major franchising success story with 68 outlets nationally and 11 abroad. A slice of Panarottis pizza can be enjoyed as far afield as Namibia and Australia. With the continuing success of the franchise in these countries there are no limits to how big this pizza base could grow!
  • Caramello's


    Eat Life!

    Caramello's is an established brand in Central South Africa and provides an unparallel coffee shop, deli & confectionery experience.
  • Café Dulcé

    Café Dulcé

    Continental Passion

    In 1987, the first Dulcé Ice Cream and Coffee shop in Rink Street was opened in Port Elizabeth close to today's International Head Office. The food menu was developed and continually upgraded through a process of ongoing market research. This has become an integral element of the success of Dulcé ’s franchise concept.
  • Piza e Vino

    Piza e Vino


    Let your taste buds that long for great Italian food bring you to Piza-e-Vino for that experience you have been longing for.
  • Mugg & Bean

    Mugg & Bean

    Giving You More and More

    Mugg & Bean is a home away from home or an office away from the office. It's perfect meeting place where people gather to experience the true spirit of generosity. Mugg & Bean customers enjoy our famous Bottomless Coffee, which keeps conversations alive for hours or our delicious Giant Muffins that are freshly baked in our restaurants. Our generous portion sizes can satisfy any hunger, at any time of day, and our friendly staff and homely atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome.
  • The Daily Coffee Group

    The Daily Coffee Group

    Do something great today - drink good coffee

    Worthwhile franchise business opportunities available in this independent, fast growing and truly South African owned coffee café enterprise.
  • Fuddruckers EMA

    Fuddruckers EMA

    Worlds Greatest Hamburger

    We were born to create the World’s Greatest Hamburgers®. Our calling is only slightly less glamorous but a whole lot tastier.
  • Simply Asia

    Simply Asia

    Thai Food & Noodle Bar

    At Simply Asia we’re proud to offer a unique Thai dining experience, with food prepared by authentic Thai chefs from the Land of Smiles and a menu packed full of delicious dishes to satisfy a wide range of palates.
  • Ambeans


    The Original Beanery Est. 1955

    Ambeans offers a unique concept of a Coffee Beanery selling speciality Coffee and Tea as well as related equipment. We also offer light meals, speciality drinks and delectable confectionery served in our shops. We supply our branches with freshly roasted coffee from our roastery in Somerset West on a weekly basis.
  • Keg



    The KEG is the perfect hub for business people to meet and relax in an environment that is both warm and friendly. It is also ideal for young adults and families that enjoy living the KEG way of life. Always innovative, always inspired, the KEG offers traditional pub food and modern fare.
  • Papa Boa Portuguese Restaurant

    Papa Boa Portuguese Restaurant

    A Verdadeira Cozinha Portuguesa! THE REAL PORTUGESE CUISINE

    If you are looking for Real Portuguese Cuisine then Papa Boa Portuguese Restaurant & Pub is your best choice. We pride ourselves in serving the best quality Portuguese food and our menu caters for everyone's taste.
  • RJ's


    Famous Rib Steakhouse

    The RJ’s heritage and culture is a unique story of success in the Steakhouse fraternity within the KZN over the past 33 years and has established itself as a heavyweight in the food and beverage industry.
  • RocoMamas


    RocoMamas has a menu that goes far beyond your typical burger joint; it’s all about customisation. Famous for their artisanal-style “Smashburgers”, the franchise also serves chicken wings and ribs as their core offering.
  • John Dory's Restaurant

    John Dory’s Restaurant


    The legend of the first John Dory's emanates from the coastal waters of Durban in 1996 and we currently boast more than 50 restaurants nationally and internationally. John Dory’s specialises in seafood, sushi and grills. We are all about fun, great taste and excellent value for the whole family.