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The Brand

Creative Minds® centres specialise in training computer novices, and also offer more advanced courses for office workers, managers, businessmen, etc.

Creative Minds® is represented by over 40 successful Creative Minds® centres operating in South Africa, and has been featured on the covers of small business magazines many times Creative Minds® was also on occasion on the cover of the best Franchises of the year publications.

Creative Minds® is an intensively people orientated business and it is therefore helpful for us to meet you personally, and discuss the matters that are unique to your situation.


Our training method is based on step by step principles using our own world-class training materials. We do not use traditional classroom or mass-training methods where computer novices get intimidated.


We provide 2 to 3 weeks full training and complete support.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

We believe that an ideal licensee needs to be:

• Dynamic,
• Self-motivated,
• Self-disciplined,
• Hardworking,
• Goal orientated,
• Emotionally stable,
• Gentle and nurturing.
• Financially able and secure

Such a candidate will also need to have:
• An Entrepreneurial spirit,
• Support from their spouse or partner,
• A strong profit motivation,
• A need for independence and autonomy,
• Good interpersonal skills,
• A dedication to good service,
• A willingness to learn,
• Strong ethical standards