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The Brand

The Dance Mouse™ concept began in 2002 and was originally developed as a pre-school syllabus only. It had become apparent that there was not an age appropriate or diverse dance syllabus available.

Two highly experienced dance teachers Tamra Cawood and Genetia King (SADTA& IDTA UK) who between them have over 70 years dance experience set out to address the situation.

They set out to develop a syllabus that would not only be age appropriate, but a syllabus designed specifically to strengthen and develop these young bodies thereby increasing the standard of dance in South Africa.

After many years of work and development and in consultation with many specialists in various fields the Dance Mouse™ syllabus was finally ready to launch. Even though the syllabus launched it will remain a work in progress and therefore qualified Dance Mouse™ teachers will attend annual courses to understand and become proficient in upgrades and improvements.

The challenge that now lay ahead was how to ensure that the syllabus and all its benefits would be appropriately managed and that the high standards would be maintained.

This gave birth to the Dance Mouse™ franchise opportunity. The Dance Mouse™ franchise opportunity would not only ensure that all the objectives of the syllabus were achieved and that the standards would be maintained, but also created an awesome business opportunity for those who have a passion for dance.


Our curriculum gives young children the opportunity to be introduced to approximately six different dance forms per year.

The syllabus teaches children the following techniques: Hip Hop, Breakdance, Latin American Basics, Freestyle, Rock and Roll, Gymnastic Basics , Silk Fabric training, Body Conditioning, Pilates techniques, Ballet and Modern basics.

The aim envelops the technical training of a child's body in order to safely strengthen, stretch and mobilise the body through exercise and dance. The rewards to the child being co-ordination and dance balanced skills. Once strength is accomplished, any form of dance or any other physically challenging activity is easy to attain.

We offer classes from 18 months to 18 years of age and this is unique as no other extra-mural we are aware of offers classes running between these two age groups.

The primary aim of Dance Mouse™ is to encourage children to enjoy dance expression and to increase their passion and love of dance. Should children only want to dance for fun (whether talented or not) or to do exams and competitions they have the freedom to choose.


Initial one on one training and annual courses will be offered as well as an open training policy and ongoing support.

The DANCE MOUSE™ training includes various other components which further adds to the standards and exclusivity of this model.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

The DANCE MOUSE™ business opportunity is far more than just a new, well structured and comprehensive dance syllabus. It is a franchise opportunity based on the DANCE MOUSE™ syllabus but aimed at the dance teacher or business entrepreneur that is looking to build a financially viable and sustainable business in the exciting and vibrant world of dance.

We are looking for qualified ballet and hip hop teachers.

The successful applicant would be allocated a region for which they have applied provided that region is still available. The region is then allocated to them exclusively in that no other DANCE MOUSE™ instruction may take place by anybody else other than those dance teachers contracted directly to them. (i.e regional exclusivity) . The region boundaries are determined via individual area surveys ensuring a minimum number of venues available to develop and build the business. One would then be required to employ dance teachers to complete the DANCE MOUSE™ syllabus training and allocate those teachers to venues in that region thereby maximizing the business and income earning potential of the franchise owner as well as maximizing the exposure for the Dance Mouse Brand and fully utilizing the opportunity within the region.