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The Fleet Management and vehicle tracking industry is very progressive, with requirements, specifications and add-on features changing continuously. Our modern ideas and up to date approach to design and strategy, as well as our immediate response to changing circumstances, means we are able to deliver the best technology at the best price. Our policy is to strive for complete customer satisfaction, which will ensure that Digit will not be a grudge purchase, but will contribute to the business' success by delivering savings well beyond its cost and management effort.


Digit dealers have access to three income streams; profits on hardware sales, installation costs and annuity income from monthly subscriptions paid by customers.

A fairly comprehensive toolkit is required for installations and guidelines will be supplied by Digit in that regard. We cannot presume to tell you how many staff members you require, with some dealers doing sales, installation and support themselves, or hiring people to help with the separate functions. Remember, of course, that increased overheads need to result in increased turnover. The recently introduced DFuel ™ system, which allows for live diesel monitoring, has taken the market by storm and as sales continue to soar, Digit dealers are set to significantly increase their turnover and profitability.

Anyone who uses a vehicle in the execution of their duties, is the target market served by Digit.


Digit offers multi-tiered support to both dealers and end customers. Any support issues that the dealer has difficulty with are elevated to head office and dealt with immediately. All products carry a one year warranty and as they manufacture their own products, replacement parts and units are readily available. The franchisor ensures that franchisees stay abreast of market trends and software updates are issued on a regular basis.

The prospective dealer will attend a 12-week training programme that will make them proficient in all aspects of the system and competent in offering their customers technical support. All dealers are required to attend the annual conference where extensive sales and hardware installation training will also be offered.

National and local marketing is carried out regularly across a variety of media, from newspapers to radio adverts and billboards.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

To succeed as a Digit Vehicle Tracking dealer you should be technically orientated and be up to date with current technology. A sales background and the ability to work unsupervised will put the prospective dealer in good position to be succeessful.